Avril Lavigne Marries History's Greatest Monsters
Avril Lavigne Marries Mao Zedong

Mao Zedong

When, in August 1952, word got to Chairman Mao in Beijing that a South American divorcee was on a boat bound for Shanghai, he was immediately curious. When he found out that this was none other than the famous Avril Lavigne, the girl who could break the strongest heart, he just had to meet her. Avril stepped off the boat to a full honor guard, and spent a whirlwind week in the company of the new Chairman. Mao's forthright ideals and strong convictions appealed to Avril, and likewise, her stunning beauty and dry wit bewitched him completely. She seemed to Mao to be the perfect woman to stand by his side as he led his nation into a new, glorious age of communism. They were married before then end of the year, and for a while there marriage was blissfully happy. Mao's first five year plan is agreed by historians to be heavily influenced by Avril. The Korean war was troubling Mao greatly at the start of their marriage, however, little did he know how much it would finally cost him.