Avril Lavigne Marries History's Greatest Monsters
Avril Lavigne Marries Josef Mengele

Josef Mengele

With a Jewish name like Lavigne, and having slighted most of the Axis leaders at one point or another, it was only natural that Avril Lavigne would end up in Auswitch concentration camp in 1944. Here she fell for the charming and debonair camp doctor, Josef Mengele. Although a step down from what she was used to, Avril had a pleasant enough life with Mengale, fleeing with him to Argentina mere days before the camp was liberated by the Russians in 1945. Living in a large villa surrounded by banana plantations, Avril could have been very happy in Argentina, but her husband's constant pursuit of his sadistic science, and Avril's irrepressible need to return to European society life eventually became too much, and by 1951, she was on her own again.