Avril Lavigne Marries History's Greatest Monsters
Avril Lavigne Marries Agusto Pinochet

Agusto Pinochet

Avril Lavigne arrived in Santiago, Chile in June, 1974 and took rooms in one of the capital's finer hotels. This was mere days before junta President General Agusto Pinochet finally crushed the last remnants of the country's liberal opposition, and assumed full control. In celebration, he threw a great banquet, and as a visiting member of high society, Avril Lavigne was, of course, invited. When Pinochet first heard the tinkle of her laughter across the grand ballroom, he was at once curious. When he was introduced to the delicate flower herself, he was completely smitten. He serenaded her over the coarse of several months, and, like so many men before him, discovered the secret to Avril's heart.

Still bitter about her several failed marriages to left leaning communists, it is this right wing bent of Avril's council that is largely attributed to Pinochet's staunch right wing policies and rollback of the socialist policies of the former president, Salvador Allende. His desire to keep Avril in the style to which she had become accustomed is largely attributed as the reason for the crafty economic policies that kept inflation rates low, and created an economic boom in 1976. It also explained the economic downturn and series of recessions that Chile experienced after they parted company.