Donnie Darko.

Halfway through this movie I leaned over to the girl next to me (I knew her), and said "It's like they've photographed my life." I wish that were true, not because my life is particularly entertaining, but because this is how I would like my life to be. My review of Fight Club talks about films on mental illness, and how Fight Club is an exception to the rule. This is another exception. This movie is almost unique, in that it manages to be extremely funny, yet quite profound, and somehow 'cool', all at the same time. That said, however, it's not perfect. There are points when the jokes don't really work, and one or two where the dialogue fails to mesh completely. If anything, I would liken this film to Clerks, because although they are not at all similar in their setting and themes, there are points where the comic pop-cultural analysis, and even some of the more slapstick comedy has a very similar feel. I highly recommend this film for any teenager who at some point has wanted to be different