Teretz Syndrome

Zeedar Teretz Stalks Girls on the Internet (Appendix A)

This first conversation continues directly on from the one found in the main article, Zeedar Teretz Stalks Girls on the Internet. I haven't bothered to format these logs. They're far too long for all that copying and pasting.

[01:44:54 PM] blaiffy: HI!
[01:45:14 PM] Nicked: hey
[01:45:17 PM] Nicked: what's up?
[01:45:21 PM] blaiffy: not much
[01:45:28 PM] blaiffy: i got stuck in a blizzard last weekend
[01:45:38 PM] Nicked: a blizzard?
[01:45:42 PM] blaiffy: yarr
[01:45:42 PM] Nicked: in sydney?
[01:45:47 PM] blaiffy: at mt hotham
[01:46:03 PM] blaiffy: it was scary
[01:46:08 PM] blaiffy: we thought we were going to die
[01:46:13 PM] Nicked: huh
[01:46:16 PM] Nicked: crazy
[01:46:17 PM] blaiffy: it took us 2 days to get home coz we had to go the long way
[01:46:27 PM] blaiffy: it was so anal
[01:46:30 PM] blaiffy: anyhoo
[01:46:37 PM] blaiffy: where abouts in melb do you live?
[01:46:49 PM] Nicked: inner north
[01:46:55 PM] Nicked: moonee ponds
[01:46:57 PM] blaiffy: suberb?
[01:47:00 PM] blaiffy: oh
[01:47:07 PM] blaiffy: i have no idea where that is
[01:47:08 PM] blaiffy: haha
[01:47:11 PM] Nicked: ha
[01:47:15 PM] blaiffy: i know where north carlton is
[01:47:18 PM] blaiffy: and lygon street
[01:47:20 PM] blaiffy: that is all
[01:47:25 PM] blaiffy: and st kilda
[01:47:45 PM] Nicked: yeah, well parkville is next to carlton, and flemington is next to that, then ascot vale, then moonee ponds
[01:47:54 PM] blaiffy: ok
[01:47:56 PM] blaiffy: kool
[01:47:57 PM] blaiffy: i guess
[01:48:02 PM] Nicked: it'd take maybe 45mins to walk to lygon st
[01:48:07 PM] blaiffy: my dad is moving to lygon street in about 2 months
[01:48:11 PM] blaiffy: they are building his house
[01:48:20 PM] Nicked: yeah?
[01:48:25 PM] Nicked: how far along?
[01:48:30 PM] blaiffy: at the moment they live in north carlton
[01:48:35 PM] blaiffy: which is also where their business is
[01:48:43 PM] blaiffy: its next to a smallish park
[01:49:01 PM] Nicked: close to the city?
[01:49:07 PM] blaiffy: umm.. about 10 mins
[01:49:12 PM] Nicked: lygon street is real long
[01:49:13 PM] blaiffy: there is a direct tram line
[01:49:21 PM] blaiffy: which dosnt help me coz i dont know how to work those things
[01:49:22 PM] blaiffy: :S
[01:49:25 PM] Nicked: ha
[01:49:27 PM] Nicked: see
[01:49:30 PM] Nicked: I can't work busses
[01:49:33 PM] blaiffy: its near all the good food places
[01:49:43 PM] blaiffy: hahaha, wierd
[01:49:44 PM] Nicked: that's what always got me about sydney
[01:49:52 PM] Nicked: and those crazy double decker trains
[01:49:58 PM] blaiffy: but you guys have buses uin melb
[01:50:12 PM] blaiffy: haha, yeh, the trains are different
[01:50:18 PM] blaiffy: but melb trains doors dont open
[01:50:39 PM] Nicked: yeah, but the trams go to all the inner city places, while the buses go out to the suburbs
[01:50:44 PM] Nicked: ha
[01:50:47 PM] blaiffy: oh ok
[01:50:48 PM] Nicked: you have to pull them
[01:51:01 PM] blaiffy: i know.. but they suck coz you have to touch them
[01:51:14 PM] Nicked: lol
[01:51:19 PM] blaiffy: think of the GERMS!
[01:51:19 PM] Nicked: they're replacing them
[01:51:22 PM] blaiffy: good
[01:51:32 PM] Nicked: but there's still a button you have to press
[01:51:38 PM] blaiffy: ew
[01:51:40 PM] blaiffy: grotty
[01:51:45 PM] blaiffy: i would use a tissue to press it
[01:51:50 PM] blaiffy: like the buttons to cross the road
[01:51:58 PM] blaiffy: i always use my feet or my elbow
[01:52:06 PM] Nicked: but think of all the cold air that gets in when the doors open every stop in winter
[01:52:07 PM] blaiffy: especially around the city
[01:52:15 PM] blaiffy: yeh, i guess
[01:52:17 PM] blaiffy: hmm
[01:52:26 PM] blaiffy: i got the black eyed peas cd today in the post
[01:52:30 PM] blaiffy: i like it
[01:52:35 PM] blaiffy: it is very groovy
[01:52:44 PM] Nicked: yeah?
[01:52:51 PM] Nicked: I didn't even know they had a new one
[01:52:58 PM] blaiffy: elephunk
[01:53:01 PM] blaiffy: its not that new
[01:53:03 PM] Nicked: oh
[01:53:03 PM] Nicked: no
[01:53:05 PM] blaiffy: they are coming to oz again
[01:53:06 PM] Nicked: it's not
[01:53:10 PM] blaiffy: i will go if i can go for free
[01:53:15 PM] Nicked: ha
[01:53:20 PM] Nicked: good choice
[01:54:30 PM] blaiffy: yes
[01:54:31 PM] Nicked: last year I used to always ring the free ticket people on friday
[01:54:38 PM] blaiffy: free ticket?
[01:54:43 PM] blaiffy: who?
[01:54:49 PM] Nicked: in the papers here
[01:54:55 PM] Nicked: on friday they have all competitions
[01:54:57 PM] blaiffy: oh, how kool
[01:55:06 PM] blaiffy: my man works for a radio station so he gets lots
[01:55:07 PM] Nicked: you ring numbers at different times and crap
[01:55:18 PM] blaiffy: kool
[01:55:28 PM] Nicked: what does he do?
[01:55:42 PM] blaiffy: he is a program director and he is on air between 12 and 3 weekdays
[01:55:55 PM] Nicked: wow
[01:56:07 PM] blaiffy: yah maybe
[01:56:13 PM] Nicked: if I had a big anntenna or something I'd tune in
[01:56:19 PM] blaiffy: yeh
[01:56:20 PM] blaiffy: kool
[01:56:21 PM] blaiffy: haha
[01:56:26 PM] blaiffy: you can listen online
[01:56:31 PM] blaiffy: www.961.com.au
[01:56:45 PM] Nicked: nah
[01:56:47 PM] Nicked: I'm at work
[01:56:58 PM] Nicked: they can't see my screen
[01:57:07 PM] Nicked: but they'd hear it out my speakers
[01:57:11 PM] blaiffy: oh i see
[01:57:12 PM] blaiffy: damn
[01:57:16 PM] blaiffy: i will b bak in 30 mins
[01:57:18 PM] blaiffy: jerry is on
[01:57:19 PM] blaiffy: hehehe
[01:57:21 PM] Nicked: ha
[01:57:23 PM] Nicked: have fun
[01:58:30 PM] blaiffy: i back
[01:58:33 PM] blaiffy: it not on anymore
[01:59:50 PM] Nicked: what, at all?
[02:00:11 PM] blaiffy: no
[02:00:13 PM] blaiffy: it finished
[02:00:16 PM] blaiffy: for the day
[02:00:20 PM] blaiffy: oprah is n now
[02:00:49 PM] Nicked: oh
[02:00:54 PM] Nicked: I can't stand oprah
[02:01:09 PM] Nicked: too many happy endings
[02:01:24 PM] blaiffy: yeh
[02:01:25 PM] blaiffy: lolol
[02:02:03 PM] Nicked: just once I want her to play the clip and then say "Yes. Timmy has cancer. He will die. Deal with it."
[02:02:24 PM] blaiffy: hahahahhahaha
[02:02:25 PM] blaiffy: tops
[02:03:39 PM] Nicked: and then Timmy's dad would punch her in the face
[02:03:47 PM] Nicked: and you would be watching jerry again
[02:03:49 PM] blaiffy: yes
[02:03:55 PM] blaiffy: :D
[02:07:30 PM] Nicked: are you guys still on holidays up there?
[02:08:05 PM] blaiffy: no
[02:08:09 PM] blaiffy: went back today
[02:08:18 PM] blaiffy: my skool had a fire last ngiht so i am home now
[02:09:12 PM] Nicked: hahaha
[02:09:19 PM] Nicked: did you do it?
[02:09:56 PM] blaiffy: yes
[02:10:16 PM] Nicked: thought as much
[02:10:25 PM] blaiffy: i got up at the earliest hours of the morning to start a fire at 4am
[02:10:28 PM] Nicked: you always looked like an arsonist to me
[02:10:28 PM] blaiffy: yep, that was me
[02:10:46 PM] blaiffy: thanks
[02:11:29 PM] Nicked: is it badly burnt?
[02:13:28 PM] Nicked: and, more to the point, did your locker survive?
[02:13:47 PM] blaiffy: i donthave one
[02:13:54 PM] blaiffy: if i did it would smell like bacon
[02:14:01 PM] blaiffy: everything around mosman smlt like bacon
[02:14:05 PM] blaiffy: it was so grose
[02:14:46 PM] Nicked: real bacon, or that fake bacon smell like in cheese and bacon balls?
[02:15:07 PM] Nicked: why?
[02:15:23 PM] Nicked: did it start in the canteen or something?
[02:15:50 PM] blaiffy: no
[02:15:52 PM] blaiffy: inthe basement
[02:15:59 PM] blaiffy: none of us knew we even had one?
[02:16:25 PM] blaiffy: a lot of us heard it on the radio thismorning
[02:16:33 PM] blaiffy: they said " it was started in the basement"
[02:16:40 PM] blaiffy: and we were all like " what basement?
[02:16:42 PM] blaiffy: "
[02:16:50 PM] Nicked: must be where the teachers kept their whiskey still or something
[02:17:04 PM] blaiffy: yeh
[02:17:13 PM] blaiffy: we tjink thats where all the odd teachers live
[02:18:42 PM] Nicked: so burning old teachers smells like bacon?
[02:19:08 PM] blaiffy: yep
[02:20:31 PM] Nicked: pretty convinient really
[02:20:38 PM] Nicked: do you have to go back tomorrow?
[02:20:52 PM] blaiffy: yep
[02:20:58 PM] blaiffy: we had no electricity today
[02:21:18 PM] blaiffy: i thought " fuck this, the skool it totally cold without heaters!" so i came home
[02:22:37 PM] Nicked: my school had those big ass water heaters
[02:22:46 PM] Nicked: you'd sit on 'em for like two minutes
[02:22:51 PM] Nicked: and your ass would fry
[02:25:32 PM] blaiffy: oooh kool

My second conversation with Blair, a few weeks after the first. This one is notable primarily because she initiated it.

[05:01:40 PM] blaiffy: morning
[05:02:14 PM] Nicked: morning
[05:02:22 PM] blaiffy: hows things
[05:02:25 PM] blaiffy: ??
[05:02:28 PM] Nicked: pretty well
[05:02:32 PM] Nicked: bit hungry
[05:02:34 PM] Nicked: nice pic
[05:02:35 PM] blaiffy: yarrr
[05:02:38 PM] blaiffy: thanx
[05:02:40 PM] blaiffy: it me
[05:02:45 PM] blaiffy: hoo dat in uers?
[05:02:56 PM] Nicked: spike from press gang
[05:03:06 PM] blaiffy: is that you?
[05:03:09 PM] Nicked: no
[05:03:11 PM] blaiffy: haha
[05:03:12 PM] blaiffy: okay
[05:03:20 PM] Nicked: it was this show on the abc in like 1992
[05:03:30 PM] blaiffy: i was alive then
[05:03:39 PM] Nicked: some guy once told me I looked exactly like him
[05:03:42 PM] Nicked: do you remember it?
[05:03:46 PM] blaiffy: hahaha
[05:03:46 PM] blaiffy: hope not
[05:03:47 PM] blaiffy: hahahha
[05:04:44 PM] Nicked: you ever seen lock stock and two smoking barrels?
[05:05:12 PM] blaiffy: umm.. dont think so
[05:05:56 PM] Nicked: oh well
[05:06:09 PM] blaiffy: yarr
[05:06:09 PM] Nicked: when he grew up, he was one of the dudes in that
[05:06:15 PM] blaiffy: i want minni frankies
[05:06:33 PM] Nicked: I had a party a couple of months ago
[05:06:38 PM] Nicked: and bought a ton of those
[05:06:44 PM] Nicked: still eating them
[05:08:13 PM] blaiffy: KOOL
[05:08:18 PM] blaiffy: are they supposed to last that long?
[05:08:30 PM] blaiffy: you know, once they have gone from green to black they arent good anymore
[05:08:51 PM] Nicked: I dunno
[05:08:56 PM] Nicked: that red shit on the outside
[05:09:01 PM] Nicked: nothing can harm that stuff
[05:09:05 PM] blaiffy: lolol
[05:09:07 PM] blaiffy: can too
[05:09:09 PM] blaiffy: i tried
[05:09:10 PM] blaiffy: trust me
[05:09:11 PM] blaiffy: hahhaa
[05:09:23 PM] blaiffy: i have odd foods lying around my room wor weeks on end
[05:09:33 PM] blaiffy: then i realise where the bad smell is from and i clean it up
[05:10:51 PM] Nicked: once when I was at home alone for a couple of weeks, I had that problem
[05:11:01 PM] Nicked: but I couldn't figure out where it was coming from
[05:11:05 PM] blaiffy: lol
[05:11:06 PM] blaiffy: oops
[05:11:19 PM] Nicked: so I took the microwave and all the food I could carry up to the front room
[05:11:32 PM] Nicked: and abbandonned the kitchen until my folks got bakc
[05:12:10 PM] Nicked: turned out a rat had died in the wall
[05:12:33 PM] blaiffy: eeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
[05:12:38 PM] blaiffy: i have a rat
[05:12:41 PM] blaiffy: want to see?
[05:13:00 PM] Nicked: sure
[05:13:18 PM] blaiffy: look at my userpic
[05:13:26 PM] blaiffy: how choote is she!?!?!?!!

[05:13:26 PM] Nicked: argh!
[05:13:37 PM] blaiffy: :)
[05:13:38 PM] blaiffy: :D
[05:13:50 PM] blaiffy: (L)
[05:13:55 PM] blaiffy: her name is magenta
[05:14:26 PM] Nicked: looks kind of like a dog that close to the camera
[05:14:29 PM] blaiffy: i go to make minni frankies
[05:14:30 PM] blaiffy: bbs
[05:14:35 PM] Nicked: k
[05:31:15 PM] blaiffy: bak
[05:31:19 PM] Nicked: yay
[05:31:19 PM] blaiffy: they took longer then i thought
[05:31:27 PM] Nicked: really?
[05:31:32 PM] Nicked: that was like, five minutes
[05:31:43 PM] blaiffy: seeing as i have never cooked them myself before yeh.
[05:31:52 PM] blaiffy: really
[05:31:55 PM] blaiffy: oh
[05:32:19 PM] Nicked: are they nice?
[05:35:12 PM] Nicked: I always had problems eating them without a tooth pick
[05:35:18 PM] Nicked: it just doesn't seem right
[05:35:34 PM] blaiffy: hahahahaha
[05:35:35 PM] blaiffy: yeh
[05:35:39 PM] blaiffy: im using a fork
[05:35:45 PM] blaiffy: which is like 4 big metal toothpicks
[05:35:47 PM] blaiffy: ...
[05:35:52 PM] blaiffy: they are grose on the inside
[05:35:54 PM] blaiffy: :S
[05:36:09 PM] Nicked: still frozen?
[05:36:13 PM] blaiffy: no
[05:36:18 PM] blaiffy: never frozen
[05:36:20 PM] blaiffy: in nmeat draw
[05:36:26 PM] Nicked: ahh
[05:36:28 PM] blaiffy: its just the meat is odd
[05:36:29 PM] blaiffy: lol
[05:36:38 PM] Nicked: ugh
[05:36:43 PM] Nicked: you going to die girl
[05:37:20 PM] blaiffy: probably
[05:37:28 PM] blaiffy: oh no!
[05:37:36 PM] blaiffy: the bundaberg rum site is not working
[05:37:36 PM] blaiffy: crap
[05:37:44 PM] Nicked: ha
[05:38:05 PM] Nicked: yeah, that'd kill any germs in off cocktail frankfurts
[05:38:32 PM] blaiffy: HAAHAHHAa
[05:38:47 PM] blaiffy: it working now
[05:39:05 PM] blaiffy: i dont want my weenies anymore
[05:39:15 PM] Nicked: feed them to your rat
[05:39:29 PM] blaiffy: no
[05:39:31 PM] blaiffy: she'd die
[05:39:38 PM] blaiffy: i just gave her cheese and starfruit
[05:40:00 PM] Nicked: ha
[05:40:32 PM] Nicked: rats eat meat, yeah?
[05:41:21 PM] blaiffy: yeh
[05:41:23 PM] blaiffy: sometimes
[05:41:26 PM] blaiffy: not too much
[05:41:29 PM] blaiffy: she likes pizza
[05:41:59 PM] Nicked: just like that rat in ninja turtles
[05:43:51 PM] blaiffy: no
[05:44:18 PM] Nicked: aww
[05:44:53 PM] blaiffy: lol
[05:44:55 PM] blaiffy: she is a girl
[05:45:12 PM] Nicked: ha
[05:45:15 PM] Nicked: of course
[05:45:17 PM] Nicked: magenta
[05:45:28 PM] Nicked: you name her after something?
[05:46:53 PM] blaiffy: rockey horror picture show
[05:47:14 PM] Nicked: really
[05:47:16 PM] Nicked: cool
[05:47:31 PM] blaiffy: yarrr
[05:47:31 PM] Nicked: that's one of my favourite movies!
[05:47:49 PM] Nicked: it's weird though
[05:48:02 PM] Nicked: because I have such a crush of sussan sarrandon
[05:48:06 PM] blaiffy: lol
[05:48:10 PM] Nicked: and now she's all old and scraggly
[05:48:10 PM] blaiffy: she's tops in it
[05:48:12 PM] blaiffy: so is rockey
[05:48:16 PM] blaiffy: he = hot
[05:48:18 PM] blaiffy: re0w
[05:48:25 PM] Nicked: ha
[05:48:32 PM] Nicked: he can't really speak english
[05:48:46 PM] blaiffy: yarr
[05:49:23 PM] blaiffy: my tongue ring smells
[05:49:27 PM] blaiffy: its really grose
[05:49:36 PM] Nicked: every couple of months they have a live show down here, where they play it on the big screen and people shout out jokes and throw things and dance to the songs
[05:49:42 PM] Nicked: that is grose
[05:49:46 PM] blaiffy: yes
[05:49:53 PM] blaiffy: they play it here at george street every 2 weex
[05:50:19 PM] Nicked: crazy
[05:50:48 PM] Nicked: what does it smell of?
[05:51:10 PM] Nicked: the used to do the blues brothers too, but that's shut down now
[05:51:26 PM] blaiffy: it smells like ...frankfurts
[05:51:27 PM] blaiffy: hahahhaha
[05:51:43 PM] Nicked: haha
[05:52:05 PM] Nicked: how can you smell your tounge?
[05:52:15 PM] blaiffy: i took it out
[05:52:18 PM] blaiffy: my ring
[05:52:19 PM] blaiffy: not tongue
[05:52:30 PM] Nicked: oh
[05:52:31 PM] Nicked: ha
[05:52:53 PM] Nicked: I had this image of you sitting at your comp pulling your tounge up to your nose to sniff it
[05:53:23 PM] blaiffy: HAHAHHAHAHA
[06:03:20 PM] Nicked: brb
[06:03:41 PM] blaiffy: k
[06:05:53 PM] blaiffy: im going to have a nap
[06:05:55 PM] blaiffy: bbl

Our third and final coverstation took place on August 24th, 2004. It involved racy pictures.

[04:18:44 PM] Nicked: what's up?
[04:19:27 PM] blairy: not much
[04:19:28 PM] blairy: u?
[04:20:16 PM] Nicked: nothing
[04:20:18 PM] Nicked: at work
[04:20:22 PM] blairy: kool
[04:20:23 PM] Nicked: so boooring
[04:20:24 PM] blairy: i guess
[04:20:27 PM] blairy: yeh
[04:21:02 PM] Nicked: nothing ever happens this time of the day
[04:21:09 PM] Nicked: I just sit here and look out the window
[04:21:18 PM] Nicked: where nothing is happening
[04:22:25 PM] blairy: damn
[04:22:31 PM] blairy: goto http://www.dreamgirl.com.au
[04:22:34 PM] blairy: its tops lingerie
[04:23:19 PM] Nicked: crikey!
[04:23:28 PM] Nicked: internet smut!
[04:23:34 PM] blairy: lolol
[04:23:45 PM] blairy: im trying to find sumthing sexy
[04:24:42 PM] Nicked: only the specials have pictures
[04:24:53 PM] Nicked: otherwise you have to order the catalogue
[04:24:55 PM] Nicked: I think
[04:25:30 PM] blairy: no they dont
[04:25:39 PM] blairy: slick on 'enter online store' or sumthing
[04:25:45 PM] blairy: its the first thing up the top onthe bar
[04:26:17 PM] Nicked: oh
[04:26:18 PM] Nicked: wow
[04:26:35 PM] blairy: lol
[04:29:11 PM] Nicked: 2115
[04:29:23 PM] Nicked: the buny costume
[04:30:28 PM] blairy: yeh
[04:30:31 PM] blairy: i saw it b4
[04:30:32 PM] blairy: hahaha
[04:32:13 PM] Nicked: although really, a girl scantilly clad enough to be in lingerie is a pretty sexy thing, reguardless of what she's wearing
[04:32:23 PM] Nicked: apart from the plus sizes
[04:32:27 PM] Nicked: that's just spooky
[04:33:01 PM] blairy: some girls are complete trashbags
[04:33:21 PM] blairy: all the things i want are over $100!
[04:34:22 PM] Nicked: ha
[04:34:51 PM] Nicked: the girl a few desks down just walked past, saw my monitors, and gave me the funniest look
[04:35:05 PM] blairy: hahahahhahaa
[04:37:51 PM] Nicked: what do you want to look sexy for?
[04:38:01 PM] Nicked: I mean, aside from just being sexy
[04:38:08 PM] Nicked: you going to a sex party or something?
[04:38:28 PM] blairy: no
[04:38:28 PM] blairy: just sex
[04:38:29 PM] blairy: haha
[04:38:38 PM] blairy: goto http://www.wickedweasel.com
[04:40:40 PM] Nicked: I don't really get these sites
[04:41:10 PM] Nicked: is it actually for women to buy things, or is it just for men to get off on
[04:41:35 PM] Nicked: I mean, look at Nicole and Jade!
[04:41:41 PM] Nicked: I swear they're about to kiss
[04:41:54 PM] blairy: lolol
[04:43:48 PM] blairy: i gtg
[04:43:51 PM] blairy: but i be back later
[04:44:04 PM] Nicked: I'll be at work till 5:30
[04:44:13 PM] Nicked: after that I won't be online
[04:44:14 PM] Nicked: cya
[04:44:37 PM] blairy: oh
[04:44:39 PM] blairy: byee
[04:45:04 PM] Nicked: bye

Fairly early on in the whole process I gave Lance Hardcore a few e-mail address of Blair's friends, and what information I had discovered and suggested that he might want to circulate around them and see what he could find. The only thing he came back with was the following discussion with this girl, who I understand is called Jess (but not Jess Martin, my boyhood chum), and looks like this:

sharkpedo!: hey
sharkpedo!:who is this?
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: hey, just a fan...
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: a friend of mine told me about your band, am getting the mp3s now
sharkpedo!: haha ok - what friend?
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: a different Jess
sharkpedo!: oh ok - do u know which jess?
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: i cant remember sorry!
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: your MP3s are good
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: are they illegal to download?
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: like on napster?
sharkpedo!: thats cool
sharkpedo!: ohh thanks dude
sharkpedo!: umm.. i dont know… haha
sharkpedo!: i dont think so
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: like metallica?
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: when lars got really angry?
sharkpedo!: so where are u from?
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: that shit scared me
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: near sydney
sharkpedo!: haha that was funny
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: lol
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: what was?
sharkpedo!: aah ok cool
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: the pic isnt me by the way!
sharkpedo!: how metallica got all pissed off
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: yeah
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: do you agree with them?
sharkpedo!: we give our msuic to the people for free
sharkpedo!: haha ok
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: cool
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: are you guys hippies then?
sharkpedo!: nup
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: what are you?
sharkpedo!: so how r u?
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: very good! thank you for asking!
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: How are you?
sharkpedo!: haha no...
sharkpedo!:do u know emo? we're making fun of emo music
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: what is sharkpedo?
sharkpedo!: im not bad
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: oh ok
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: emo, like Avril Lavigne? I thin she is on MTV or something
sharkpedo!: i was watching pokemon the other morning.. and there was a pokemon called sharkpedo
sharkpedo!: haha.. who is this really?
i get the feeling that youre someone playing a joke on me
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: what why? IS this how you treat all you fans? fucken hell. Word o fmouth gets around you know ! lol
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: nah thats mean.
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: does your band ever do any gigs coming up i could go to?
sharkpedo!: haha ok
sharkpedo!: nah we dont do gigs
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: why not?
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: you should!
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: i could get a few people to come along
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: word of mouth
sharkpedo!: cos we can't play
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: oh i dont think that
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: that would be funny on a stage too!
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: lol, who is in the band?
sharkpedo!: me,and my friends meg, hannah and nick
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: ok cool. do you guys know blair?
sharkpedo!: blair... ? blair who?
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: Hannon-mill
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: ?
sharkpedo!: mm nah i dont htin kso... where is she from?
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: down willoughby way
sharkpedo!: eh i dunno probably not.. i used to chat to a blair on the net
bgi killing heidi fan
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: yeah i thinks that is her! she loves them! Do you still chat to her?
sharkpedo!: nooi havent for ages
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: why not? what happneed? did you guys have a fight over who likes killing hiedi more?
sharkpedo!: hahaha no.. i dunno… we never really chatted that much
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: oh ok. How did you first meet her?
sharkpedo!: umm i thnk it was a testeagles chat room?
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: k cool
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: i havent seen her in months!
sharkpedo!: yeah it was
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: i lost her email
sharkpedo!: aah yeah
sharkpedo!: so why did u thin ki would know her?
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: just a guess, she was always into heaps of music and bands ans stuff, she seems to knw everyone!
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: lol
sharkpedo!: oh hey i gtg
Collettey_Lacey_Lette: k