Teretz Syndrome

Poetry Rumble (Appendix A)

Here are some further poems of Charlie Sheen, provided for your various entertainments.

Neon Toasters

Beyond the valley of treason
and through the doors of time,
We witness the eclipse of fresh life. Avoiding the flames of dissention
that scorch the surface of a fleeting herd,
We; a pack of none,
forge on against the evil,
that claims possession
of the fear,
In our souls.


I observe in forgotten memory as the lovely
Young child in pink
Blows softly through a plastic circle,
filling the air around her with bubbles.
She watches in delight -As do I-
These perfect, crystal globes, drifting off,
The Breeze now seizing them - some will burst
Others may carry on,
Beyond the point of Creation;
Beyond her moment of joy-
What she's chosen to share, I've accepted.
And though the bubbles are gone,
We still watch their flight.
She smiles, I merely stare.
It is a moment we'll have forever.


A Goat In My Ass

There's a goat in my ass,
Living mainly on grass.
They say the creature was stolen,
yet he feeds on my colon.

I don't know how it got there,
As I burp up an occasional hair.
Often times I'll sit and stare,
And drop pellets from my underwear.

Oh, these feelings may pass,
This wondrous goat,
In my ass.