Party-o-Rama 5 Pictures


This uniform makes that jelly and vodka look a lot like a classy beverage.


It took me a surprisingly long time to figure out the names or even genders of these people - especially seeing as one of them is me.


Kung fu.


This girl coordinated her mug with her shirt. What an effort she went to.


"Honestly, I'm not ten."


Women have breasts.


Men do not.


"Hello Satan."


Correction, this is Satan.


"Take that, Satan."


Some dick set my DVD to loop the same 30 seconds for three hours, then hid the remote control.


"Why is he touching me?"


"Damnit. Few seconds faster and I wouldn't be in this mess."


"Whisper whisper whisper."


"Fuck off."


And they say funnels are only useful in beer bongs.


Ah. No. No comment.


Somewhere between "peace" and "fuck you."


All you need to get women is a military dress uniform and an umbrella.


Vroom... a Porsche Boxter.


And they say only bogans with mullets drink beer.


"These hands are registered as lethal weapons."


Lucky my fish were already dead.


How's that for artistic.


"I wonder what she'll do when I pull that string."


Everyone knows alcohol makes you popular. What most people don't know is it also make you retarded.


Yep. She's pretty well riding that pool cue.



"I hate you so much."

"Bring it, motherfucker."


This girl didn't burn herself once.


This boy is just about to burn himself badly.


We had fire works later on as well.


What an artistic shot. Look! She's flying.


"Your father must have been a thief, because he stole the stars from the heavens to make your eyes."

"Didn't Photoshop 5 have a 'remove redeye' function?"


"That's some pretty sweet cleavage, hey buddy?"

"Oh yeah."


Ahh... dancing.


"Girlfriend, I am so not carrying you home."


It would seem Bohemian Rhapsody was playing.


I know fellas, let's have some beer.


How about some more beer (why are people playing with their phones, not only now, but in the first picture as well).


"Hey Buddy - Let's pretend I'm so drunk that I'm about to fall off my chair."


"So we don't have to look at the lesbian action on the other side of the table."


"Now if we have a shot of beer every minute, that would give us about 45 more seconds..."


Where's everyone gone? To get more beer, of course.


This is the guy who took all the other photos.


"Which cake is yours?"

"It's the one that says bad mother fucker.'"


"Hello... Hagar... we're going to go and rape some people... you in?"


"Well, it's no black dick, but I'll see what I can do."


It's what's not in this picture that is really funny.