Teretz Syndrome

Sunday, November 17, 2002. 3:19PM

Not really too bad a week, I guess. It's been quite hot, so I've tried to stay inside. On the cooler days I went into uni, like Wednesday, for example, when I went in to scan some pictures of the Second Annual Pulp Fiction Party-o-Rama. I did it for a reason, too, which was for inclusion in the new section of this very site (you may have noticed a new button on the side there). My web page design ability is growing. Some of you may remember my very first page (about six years ago - it was on Geocities - I think they've deleted it now), centered on my game of the day, Command and Conquer. It was designed in the Netscape 3.0 Gold editor, and was essentially pictures and links. The next step was into The People's Champion website (it still exists - there's a link to it in the links section, and it still gets traffic occasionally), which was a bastard of the standard Front-page template. It utilised a table at one point, and those damn Frontpage navigation bars. Then we moved here, and I moved to Dreamweaver. The big change was proper frames, which although they have much the same effect as the Frontpage navigation bars, they are technically much better. I messed around with tables a little and so on, anyway, the O-Rama section sees the introduction of layers - a fairly crucial step in my view. Also, I've figured out hotspots. As far as I'm aware, all this leaves is flash, and I'll be able to make simplistic, but professional websites. You may have also noticed that I've softened some of the graphics, which look better, but if you look at them too long they hurt your eyes.

Anyway, after scanning the pictures on Wednesday, I emailed them to myself, only to discover that they would only half load (I just scanned seven pictures as two big image files), so on Thursday I went back in (and I was avoiding the cleaner, as I often do on Thursday) and zipped them up and emailed them to myself. Again, the file would only half download. This pissed me off, so finally on Friday I sent the file to my spam account (at Lycos), and it all worked fine. I henceforth declare that Hotmail is shit.

On Thursday (at uni) as I was sending email I noticed a received email from one of my uni buddies, telling me to collect my assignment and test (both High Distinctions.. who's the man?) and then meet them in the Library for some study for the exam on Friday. I went to the library, but they hadn't arrived yet (it still being early in the morning), so I went to Donut king and claimed my last free Milkshake on my card (Donut King has these cards you stamp every time you but a milkshake, so your sixth and tenth are free), meaning that I now have to buy five for another free one. They're good for keeping track of the amount of milkshakes you've drunk, too (I've had twenty four). I drank my Milkshake and read my book for a while (Billy Bathgate, more on that later). After a chapter or so I went to the library again (funnily enough, this was the first time I'd entered the library all year) and we sat around for a while talking about this and that (occasionally it was computer related), before deciding to go to lunch. I paid overly too much money for a box of Nachos, which were pretty filling, but made me feel a little sick. I then went home and worked on my site.

On Friday I had my Applications Development exam, which, as I fully expected, was very long, but not particularly taxing. Again, as I expected, I'm far more confident about it then either of my other exams. It was at some ungodly hour of the morning, and as I walked from the station to the exam I ran into Sandy (remember, I mentioned her last week). I had ample time to apologise and show my sensitive side, but alas, I did not. She revealed to me that she is probably transferring to another course, so I probably have blown my chance forever. Oh well, in the immortal (well, no, not really) words of Ned Kelly, "Such is life." I abandoned her at Seven-Eleven, and went to level three in an effort to get my pictures sent before the exam. The labs were closed, but I met Jim, a guy who was in my group for an assignment and we went upstairs together for the exam. A brief moment later and we were inside. There's this other chick in my course who is major hot, and she always leaves about fifteen minutes into an exam (she is so going to fail). On Friday she was wearing the shortest skirt (could have been a belt). The show was well worth the money (hecs). I really didn't think she could top the white summer dress she wore last week, but somehow she did it. Enough of my depraved ramblings.

I left the exam after the full three hours fifteen minutes (and once again was told no to talk as the other exam had started five minutes late). Me and David then preceded to Subway, where I was served by the lovely Sarah, a red head, and by far the hottest of our Subway crew. After that we went to relax a little at our favorite underground haunt, Cybergames. Whilst there, I turned my mobile back on, and discovered an SMS from my man Marcus, telling me to come to pool after my exam, and another from Emily, the chick who asked for my number a few logs ago. My credit had expired the night before (at a loss of about $10, much to my anoyance), so I left them both to be for a while. After a hour or so with David, I popped back across the road, finally sent my pictures, and then went up to Latrobe St to meet Marcus. He was crossing the road when I got there, which was fortunate, as I otherwise would never have found him. We played cricket for a while with some Indians from his course (well, essentially we had conversation in the outfield). I touched the ball once. I went home, stole my dad's phone and had a brief SMS conversation with said Emily, until she eventually didn't reply. The ball, as they say, is in her court yet again.

Yesterday my mother, having suspended all my non-monetary income (phone credit, train tickets etc.) till I get a job, took me around to a bunch of places, where I asked teenagers to put my resume on various desks. With any luck I'll land something on Monday, but I really doubt that it will happen. I also finished my book of the last few weeks, Billy Bathgate by E. L. Doctorow. It was all very gangster and cool, highly enjoyable, but the ending was only a little satisfying. Kind of like in Nineteen Eighty-four, when Orwell gets TB and the whole thing goes insane.

Will commented last week that I had misspelled "rapping" as "raping" (the former being a musical style, the later a commitment free form of intercourse), and amused him greatly. Well, I'm aware that these posts are filled with errors, both spelling and typographic, and I'm sorry. One day I'll go back and edit them all, but I really can't be bothered. I mean, who are you people to complain as I spend my own time and money for no purpose other then your amusement?

I'm sure I have something else to say, but my mother keeps hounding me to get off the computer, and nothing springs to mind, so right now, I'm going.

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