Teretz Syndrome

Wednesday, July 17. 8:35PM

What to tell of the last six days? Not a lot, really. I was going to go see Blade 2 with some of my joy brigade on Saturday, but as I was dressing, somebody called me and said "I'm in the area, can I come to your house?", so me, being an agreeable fellow, said "Sure", gave her dinner and took her to Blade 2. It was all right... but... I dunno. The first one was all right too, but there was a lot in it that made me think "This is a fucking stupid movie". This one was less of a stupid movie, I find it difficult to fault, and some things were really cool, but for a movie that has a badass black guy with a big fucking sword, kickass guns, and a real desire for blood drinking mayhem it left me surprisingly calm. I believe that any good action movie should leave you with the desire to walk out of the cinema and lay the smack down on the first black ass you come across, and Blade 2 just didn't do it for me.

I saw Men in Black 2 just yesterday, and it was much the same. Didn't really make me laugh all that much, didn't really make me want to break anyone's face with eighteen inches of lead pipe. Most of the jokes were playing back to the first one, also, which is something they do in way too many comedy sequels. It wasn't that bad, I guess, but it hell could of been better.

To restore my faith in cinema, I watched True Romance this morning (I'd seen it before, but last time I was a bit distracted). It was pretty good. Good old fashioned Tarrantino dialogue, but you can really see that he didn't direct it. The main thing that bugged me was that same damn tune they keep playing constantly over the background. It gets a thumbs up, nonetheless, however.

Oh, and if anyone asks, I now have a job. I'm an Actor. I still can't say that with a straight face (so evidently not a very good one), but I have an agent of sorts, so who knows, next time you see that raffish young man enjoying a microwave dinner it could just be me (although you won't see me in a Neighbours disco scene for a while, because you can't until you're in the union, and you can't be in the union until you've have one paying job).

Had a conversation the other day with a female woman of the opposite sex. She said "I was at the dentist's this morning, and while he was drilling my tooth I was thinking about you." I said "Someone thrusts a giant rotating cylinder down your throat and you think of me?". Call of the century? No, but it was funny at the time.

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