Teretz Syndrome

Wednesday, June 19, 2002. 10:54PM

Right. Log. I always have trouble starting and stopping, middle just flows.

As I mentioned on Monday, yesterday I turned nineteen. So much older, so much wiser, so much hairier. Passed without exception really. Spent most of the day studying for my Accounting Exam which was today. The one truly interesting occurrence, however, was what my father gave me by way of gift. He'd asked me on Sunday what I wanted, and without any real desire for material possessions, I told him I needed some new speakers for my laptop. I expected, y'know, $15 buy in the box speakers, so imagine my surprise when he rolls up with this big ass heavy box, containing Big Ass Fuck Off Subwoofer and friends (weighing in at, according to the box, around 6kg, which is more than my computer). Is cool. I have the woofer under my desk, and you can feel the vibrations in the table top. I can't use it without cracking up. Does a mean version of "What's New Pussy Cat?".

Oh, and one other thing happened yesterday. Logged onto my old friend AudioGalaxy and found that all of the songs were marked with the copywrited "X". Investigated it, and apparently they've settled out of court with the Record Industry Association of America and now the only songs that can be shared are the ones the RIAA has specifically said they can share. Bastards, I say! AudioGalaxy was so cool. So fresh, so professional. No flashing numbers and crap like WinMX, not sucky like a lot of the others, no porn movies taking up my precious little bandwidth. Damn it! Email me with another good network, somebody.

Today was Accounting. Went okay. Better then expected really. I cheated to make it balance, however, but I don't think it's really a worthwhile anecdote to share with the not entirely accounting student world.

Oh, and I had a bet with my ex-girlfriend, I said "Five dollars says Spain wins with World Cup", and she said "My five says Italy does!" Well, Spain might not have won it yet (though if they do, let it be pointed out that I called it before the first game was played), but Italy's chances have gone down no small amount. My call is Spain Vs Brazil in the final. Spain 2, Brazil 1, with Spain scoring their second goal in the last five minutes. There, can't be much more specific then that.

Tomorrow I'm going to watch Pulp Fiction and think about making myself look like Harvey Keitel.

Have fun Cats.

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