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Monday, April 21, 2003. 5:40PM

This week we're going to do something a little different. You see, browsing the Internet earlier today, I came across this story, and to me it just seemed so us, so www.zeedarteretz.com, (all it really needs is a ninja), that I had to reproduce it and share it with you all. That said, there have been a few adventures, so maybe I'll log at some point with a 'real' log, but for now...

The following story is a copyrighted work of fiction, © 1999 by Fidelius Castratus (a pseudonym). Any similarities to persons or characters, living, dead or fictional, are
coincidental or meant as a parody.

The following story deals with adult topics and may not be read by people under legal adult age.

The Olsen Twins Get Gang Raped by Genetically Altered Wolves

Chapter 1

Sheila Johnson approached the cage of Tor. He was the Alpha-male of the pack of genetically altered wolves (if you could call 4 a pack) and she always fed him first as was his due. Also, she liked him best, because he was by far the smartest of the 4 super-smart wolves, and didn't skulk like the other 3, so she trusted him. She had named him after Tor Johnson from "Plan 9 from Outer Space", because he had been an exceptionally large pup, and had been born hairless and with rounder facial features than the other 3 genetically altered wolves.

This was the second test set of animals for "The Human Genome Research Institute". Because of the controversial nature of what they were doing, they were forced to experiment on animals that few people had sympathy for due to their long history of harm to humans.

First, they had produced a generation of super-smart rats as proof of concept to insure more funding. They had injected rat eggs with human intelligence genes, artificially inseminated the eggs, implanted them in female rats and culled the most intelligent rat babies to perform tests and experiments on. The rats, which had long since been destroyed, had exhibited the intelligence of 5-year-old humans and had ensured more funding for the wolf phase of the experiment. If this phase continued to go as well as it had they would soon be moving to the primate phase, and they might very well be on their way to a treatment for Alzheimer's disease, strokes and other forms of brain-
damage. Who knew what wonders their research would unleash!

Sheila and her fellow scientists had learned in the rat phase that the male rats displayed much more intelligence than the females, but only if there were no females around. So they had culled the wolves down to just these 4 almost full-grown males that their tests indicated had the intelligence of 12-year-old humans.

Tor was the Alpha-male, not just because he was larger, but also because he was smarter. He had come up with "The Plan". And "The Plan" would reach its culmination in just a few seconds.

He had ordered the other wolves in the pack to be as friendly and obedient to the humans as possible for the last several months, thus gaining trust. Meanwhile, he was learning all he could about the human's habits and thoughts.

All of the wolves could understand spoken English, and Tor knew that the only humans in the Institute this night were Sheila and the fat lazy unarmed guard near the front door. This was the night to put "The Plan" into operation.

When Sheila Johnson opened the door of Tor's cage to feed him raw horsemeat from her hand, he sprang at her chest, knocking her down and knocking the wind out of her. Before she could recover and make a sound, Tor had his powerful jaws clamped around her neck. When she started to scream he clamped his jaws down more tightly, closing off her windpipe and preventing air and thus sound from escaping. She soon got the message.

Tor released her neck, grabbed the keys she had used to unlock his cage in his mouth, stared at her and then the cages of his pack, then back at her and shook the keys in his mouth. He had always wanted to fuck Sheila, but there was no time for that now.

The genetically altered wolves had been taught to communicate with the humans through a large keypad full of symbols that they could press with their paws, so Sheila knew what Tor wanted and had little choice but to obey. She slowly reached for the keys, got up, and unlocked the cages letting the other 3 wolves escape. Then Tor looked at the door of the Lab Room, back at Sheila and growled while the other 3 wolves surrounded her.

Sheila opened the door and watched as all the wolves but Tor bounded out onto the guard who was half-asleep on his chair. The guard never knew what hit him as he was knocked to the floor and had one wolf standing on his chest and stomach while another had its jaws clamped around his neck, cutting off his circulation until he lost consciousness.

Sheila knew what Tor wanted when the 4th wolf ripped the guard's keys off of his belt and brought them to Tor and Sheila. She saw the first 2 wolves ripping the phone apart while she walked to the front door, unlocked it and opened it. Then all 4 wolves went running, howling, out of the door at top speed.

Mary Kate and Ashley, the 12-year-old Olsen twins, were "camping out" and telling ghost stories in a pup-tent in the rather large forest on their 56 acre ranch on the outskirts of Los Angeles when they heard the ungodly howling in the distance.

"See, I told you," said Mary Kate, shivering in fear from the ghost stories they were telling, "It's a full moon and that's a werewolf and he's going to eat us up!" She was trying to scare Ashley, but she was scaring herself even more.

"Oh shut up you baby," said Ashley, "Werewolves only eat scared little babies like you, so I don't have anything to worry about." She had never heard a sound like that before and her false bravado was intended to cover the fact that secretly she was scared too.

The howling continued for about a minute then stopped. It was a hot night so the Olsen twins were both wearing skimpy bedclothes. Mary Kate had on thin striped cotton pajamas that had short sleeves and short pajama bottoms, and because of the heat was wearing no underwear. Ashley was wearing a Denver Broncos football-jersey style pajama top and panties, and because they were both so afraid, the 2 12-year-olds had their barely clad bodies pressed tightly together, legs entwined with their arms around each other, sharing Mary Kate's sleeping bag.

"Maybe we should go back to the house," said Mary Kate.

"No," said Ashley, her incestuous lesbian urges overcoming her fear, "I think we're safer here in the tent if we're quiet. Besides, those coyotes were a long way away."

They were cuddling cheek to cheek. Ashley pulled her head away, looked her sister in the eyes in the dark and said, "I love you M. K.," and kissed Mary Kate tenderly on the lips.

Mary Kate was so glad that she had Ashley held tightly against her, it made her feel safe. And the little kiss that Ashley had given her made her feel warm and tingly. She returned Ashley's kiss with a nice sweet little kiss of her own and whispered, "I love you too Ashley," and then nuzzled closer into Ashley's body, burrowing her head against Ashley's tiny budding breasts. She could feel Ashley's nipples hardening against her cheek through the football jersey and wanted to suck them. She felt like a baby being
offered her mother's teat and it felt so safe and secure. She started to suckle Ashley's right breast through the football jersey top.

12-year-old Ashley moaned as her twin sister sucked on one of her hard nipples and budding breasts through her top. She involuntarily started rubbing her hairless panty-clad pubic mound against Mary Kate's stomach and soon began to experience her first orgasm.

"Uh! Uh!" gasped Ashley while she held Mary Kate's warm scantily clad body tightly against her crotch as she spasmed with the orgasmic pleasure that was shooting throughout her entire body for the first time in her 12-year-old life.

Their idyllic moment was shattered by the sound of howling, this time much closer.


Chapter 2

Tor quickly growled at the other 3 genetically altered wolves to be silent, because he had smelled the scent of humans, and that could mean danger. He raised his snout and sniffed around to determine the direction that the smell was coming from. He could smell 2 young female humans. And then he smelled what he instinctively recognized as sex. The other wolves smelled it too and started whimpering.

Tor had been planning to change course to avoid the humans, but they had just entered a forest, which they were instinctively attracted to, and the smell of sex was too intriguing for the wolves to ignore. But he knew that they would have to be very stealthy and move slowly, because where there were young, there could be parents nearby.

Ashley hadn't noticed the aborted howl because she was in the throws of her first orgasm, but Mary Kate had heard it and it scared her. However, it was so short that the sounds of her sister's moaning soon made her think that she had imagined it.

"What's wrong Ashley?" asked Mary Kate as Ashley's moaning started to subside.

"I think I had an orgasm," said Ashley softly, after catching her breath.

"No way!" exclaimed Mary Kate as her big brown eyes opened wide. "Can I feel?"

"Sure," said Ashley as she rolled off of Mary Kate onto her back and spread her legs slightly.

Mary Kate put her hand between Ashley's legs. She felt the wetness of Ashley's panties and the way they were clinging inside the lips of her pussy. "You're panties are soaked," she said, "Did you piss yourself?"

Ashley loved the feeling of her 12-year-old twin sister rubbing her pussy through her panties, but she wanted to feel Mary Kate's fingers on her bare pussy. "No," she said, "I think it's because of the orgasm. I better take these wet panties off and let them dry." She whisked them down and kicked them off with her feet quickly, hoping that Mary Kate wouldn't move her hand away from her pussy.

Before Mary Kate knew it, her fingers were on Ashley's bare hairless preteen pussy. She started feeling it with her fingers gently, enjoying the moans that she was eliciting. Suddenly, she realized what she was doing. She was masturbating her own identical twin sister! But she was so turned on. Maybe Ashley would have another orgasm and she could feel it while it was happening. That would be so cool! Mary Kate had just started playing with herself a few days before, but hadn't yet had an orgasm. She started rubbing her sister's slit and clit the way she rubbed herself when she masturbated, and was rewarded by Ashley's pre-orgasmic moans.

"This is too good to be true. My own twin sister is masturbating me," thought Ashley. She opened her eyes and looked into those of her sister. "Oh my god, it's like looking in a mirror," she thought, "I'm going to have another orgasm!" She started convulsing with the second orgasm of her life, this one much more powerful than the first.

Mary Kate was watching her sister's face. She saw her eyes open and stare into hers for a few seconds before they closed again, this time in an expression of pure ecstasy just before Ashley started moaning and convulsing.

Mary Kate was tingling between her legs. She was jealous. "I want to have an orgasm too," she whined."Take off your pajama bottoms and I'll give you an orgasm," said Ashley softly after she recovered her senses. She was thrilled when Mary Kate immediately pulled her short striped pajama bottoms off. Ashley was going to give Mary Kate the orgasm of her life!

She started scooting down Mary Kate's body with her mouth headed straight towards her pussy. She had heard stories from her friends about boys "eating them out" and how incredible it felt. She had wanted to "eat out" herself, but she was going to eat out her identical twin sister, which would be the next best thing.

Mary Kate was expecting to feel Ashley's fingers on her pussy, and was surprised when her sister started scooting downwards. "What are you doing," she asked. But when she felt Ashley's soft tongue between her pussy lips and flicking at her clitoris, she shut up.

Tor and his genetically altered wolf pack had found the pup tent containing the 2 prepubescent humans and had determined that there were no adult humans in the area. Tor gave the order.

Mary Kate could tell that she was on the verge of her own very first orgasm. Ashley's tongue was making her pussy tingle more than it ever had before. Suddenly their tent was ripped away from them. Mary Kate and Ashley thought for a moment that their parents had discovered them. They both sat bolt upright.

"We weren't doing anything," said Ashley, looking up expecting to see their parents towering over them.

The Olsen twins were both amazed when they looked up and saw what looked like very large dogs surrounding them. Ashley tried to scream, but before a sound escaped her mouth, one of the "dogs" lunged for her throat and clamped off her airflow. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the same fate befall her sister. "Oh my god, we're going to be eaten by wild dogs," she thought, unable to know that the "dogs" had other things planned for the 2 12-year-old prepubescent female humans.


Chapter 3

The wolves pulled the twins by their throats down to their hands and knees, which was the perfect position for what Tor had in mind. As the Alpha-male of the pack, he had first rights of food and sex. He sniffed the rears of the 2 young female humans. The first one smelled faintly of sex, but the second one reeked of it. It drove Tor wild and he instinctively mounted the female human, his throbbing penis fully extended from its hairy sheath. He was thrusting wildly, but never having had sex before, Tor didn't immediately find his mark. When he did, he knew that it was the right place, and paused briefly to savor the sensation before his animal urges caused him to start thrusting
wildly inside of the young human.

Ashley thought the end was coming for sure when she felt the large wild dog jump up and lie on her back, but she was shocked when she started feeling what felt like a large finger jabbing at her legs and buttocks, even entering her anus briefly. Then she felt it enter her vagina, a place that up until now had only had her fingers and hotdogs (microwaved for 5 seconds and coated with butter) inside of it. She briefly remembered her mother's curious look when she had started requesting Polska Kielbasas for "snacking on" before being shocked back to the present by the wild in and out thrusting that started inside of her pussy. In about a minute, Ashley felt the dog quivering and
her virgin preteen womb being squirted and filled with warm thick fluid. "Oh my god," she thought, "That must be sperm! I'm being raped by a dog and he just spermed inside of me!"

Mary Kate watched the whole scene out of the corner of her eye as the dog mounted her bottomless sister and started thrusting his haunches rapidly back and forth. "That dog is having sex with Ashley!" she thought. She watched as the dog whimpered and went limp on top of her sister, then slowly got off of Ashley and turned toward her. Mary Kate had never seen a penis before and the sight of the dog's penis turned her on for a moment. As soon as the first dog got off of Ashley, the 4th dog, which hadn't been holding on to either of the twins throats mounted her. "Another dog is having sex with my sister!" thought Mary Kate. Then she noticed that the first dog was headed around
behind her. She couldn't believe this was happening. The whole night had seemed like a dream that now had turned into a nightmare. She felt the dog get on top of her. "Why?" she cried to herself, as she felt the dog's penis start pushing slowly inside her virgin pussy and against her hymen. She cried out when she felt her cherry being popped.

Tor felt relaxed and satisfied after releasing his load of genetically altered wolf-come inside of the first young human, but as the Alpha-male, he had first rights on the second one as well. He was still horny enough to claim what was his, so he climbed on top of the other young human. He was in no hurry, and the wild urge that had driven him to thrust wildly was no longer there. Tor would take his time with this one. He entered the young human slowly, making sure that he found the right place, but when he did, he felt an obstruction. He pushed on through it and was surprised when the young human cried out in pain. The wolf was puzzled, "How can something that feels so good to me cause pain to her?" Because of her cry of pain, he resolved to go very slowly. After all, he was in no hurry.

After Mary Kate's initial pain from losing her virginity to the huge dog, the dog stopped thrusting his penis inside of her and the pain started to subside. When, after a few moments, the dog started moving his large doggy penis in and out of her, he was moving it slowly and softly, unlike the way he had had sex with Ashley. Mary Kate could feel the hair of the dog's penis sheath rubbing against her clitoris and the smooth wet penis rubbing against the inside walls of her vagina, and despite having a dog's jaws clamped around her throat, waves of pleasure were starting to radiate from her love-button.

Mary Kate started moaning with pleasure as her first orgasm built to an unstoppable crescendo.

Tor felt the young human's pussy contracting against his penis, and her body spasm then go limp. He felt very tender toward her and ordered the wolf that was holding her by the neck to release her.

She fell down on her elbows, and Tor, after seeing that she was still breathing, continued his intercourse with her, noticing the obvious pleasure that he was giving her.

The pleasure was so intense that Mary Kate almost passed out. She didn't even notice that her neck had been released. All she could think of was the penis moving in and out of her and the pleasure she was experiencing. She knew this was an orgasm, but it was followed by another orgasm. And then more orgasms in such quick succession that it felt like one continuous 5-minute orgasm that was culminated by the feeling of the dog ejaculating inside of her. As she felt the warmth of the dog sperm filling her, she convulsed with an orgasm that her brain couldn't deal with. An orgasm so powerful that it short-circuited her entire nervous system causing her to lose consciousness.
Just before her eyes closed, she saw the dog that had been holding her by her neck mounting her sister Ashley and her last thought was "I hope Ashley is enjoying this as much as I am."

Ashley definitely was not enjoying being raped by the genetically altered wolves. She was in shock, her eyes dilated and her mouth open and drooling as the last wolf violated her. Her mind had shut down, but she was vaguely aware of the thrusting inside of her.

After Tor had come inside of the young human and withdrawn, he saw the other wolves heading towards her. He felt surprisingly protective of her. He growled at the other wolves in his pack, and his hair bristled on his back. His large teeth were exposed, and there was madness in his eyes at the thought of any of the other wolves having sex with this young human. He was claiming her for himself.

The other wolves whimpered and skulked back to have another round with the other young human. Tor knew that their escape from the laboratory had caused all of them to miss their daily feeding, and that after the other wolves were satisfied sexually, they would need to satisfy the most primal urge of all, and he would be unable to stop them. He knew that he would have to get his young human to safety while the other wolves were preoccupied. He would even forgo his share of the other young human and go hungry to prevent dissension in the pack.

He started licking his young human's face to wake her. When she awoke, he grabbed her hand in his mouth gently, helped tug her to her feet, and started leading her away as quickly as he could.

Mary Kate saw her sister Ashley, still on her hands and knees, being mounted by another dog, as the dog that had taken her virginity and sent her into ecstasy lead her away by her hand. She knew that her sister was more sexually adventurous than she was, and was almost jealous, except she knew that she had been satisfied more than she had ever thought possible.

When they made it out of the forest and she saw her home, the dog let go of her hand. He looked Mary Kate directly in the eyes, then at the house and barked at her and whimpered. He seemed so sad. She wanted to take him home.

"Come on boy," she said, but he just barked at her twice, gave a little growl, then barked at her again. Then he turned and loped towards the forest, turning one last time at the edge of the forest to give a last whimpering bark, before disappearing into the darkness between the trees.

Mary Kate was so tired, and she headed back towards home. She just wanted to sleep.



It had been 3 months since that fateful night. The genetically altered wolves had been hunted down and killed by the government. Mary Kate had never mentioned the "dogs" when she was questioned about Ashley's disappearance because she didn't want to tell about all of the sexual exploits of that night, and the government had covered up the entire experiment. As far as Mary Kate could guess, Ashley had run away with the dogs, and she was a little bit jealous.

She had been having stomach cramps for several weeks, and today they were so severe that she was sure that today would be the day that she got her first period. She went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet, which usually seemed to help. She was really pushing to move her bowels, and finally felt relief.

She heard a whimpering sound, got off the toilet and looked down to see a puppy in the toilet.

"Where did you come from?" she asked. The puppy had almost no hair, and had a very rounded face and snout. Its eyes were open.

She cleaned it up and decided to tell her parents that she had found it in the back yard.

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