Teretz Syndrome

Sunday, September 22. 12:18PM

All right! Welcome to log - the next generation! (could that opening line be any lamer? I doubt it). I am at home. Alone. Listening to Chuck Berry (Guitar Boogie). It's Sunday. Lazy day. Had no human contact apart from a brief repartee with my folks, and a complex discussion on whether or not some ethnic fuck (not a racist comment, he just happened to be of Italian or Greek extraction and a fuck) could park outside my house while he took his son to the show. THE FUCKING SHOW! I hate the show. My house is the first street after the parking restrictions, but it's well and truly within the damn noise zone. And to top it all off, my sister being in China, my mother has decreed that I should go with her. Fuck. Stupid fucking show. ARGH!

On a lighter note, I went to a recording of Live at the Chapel last week. Saw the Foo Fighters. They were pretty cool. I've only every been to see four professional international bands play, and the Foo Fighters' on stage banter came second only to that of They Might Be Giants. I spent the whole week before hand thinking of smart ass things to say to Dave Groll, but when I was there and they were being cool and all, I decided against it. Watch the telecast when it happens and you might see me. I'm right near the front.

Friday my girl left for England, in honor of which I went to U Film Fest at Melbourne Uni to see my good friend Steve's film (and some others). Steve won some producers award, but didn't take out the main prize. T'was disappointing. His film was suitably stupid. Afterwards we went to U-Bar, and drank free beer, and Bill bought me a cocksucking-cowboy (the shot, not the guy from the Village People). I then beat him at pool, and threatened to kill some international student, before most of everyone went home and I ended up playing pool with my ex-girlfriend (circa 1999, to protect the not particularly innocent, I shall refer to her as "Girl X"). We then went to robot with her friend for like, ten minutes before I went home. I found the whole experience quite, quite weird, but not particularly unpleasant (which was the weirdest thing of all). I have tickets to a film on Tuesday, and I have yet to organised someone to go with. I think I will go to the city after lunch and hopefully find someone there.

Oh, and my parents are going away at the end of this week, so I'm having a party. YAY!

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