Teretz Syndrome

Thursday, July 25. 7:16PM

Hmm. Been a while. I'm bored of this. Dunno why I bother anymore. This is the longest interval between logs ever (so far). Main thing this week was me returning to uni I guess. It's depressing. I hate myself and I want to die. Well, actually, it's not all bad. Some of it's pretty cool, actually. Got to watch movies. Never actually sat through an entire silent film before (well, Silent Movie, but that doesn't count). My timetable is so weird. Of my thirteen hours a week, eight are on Monday. Pretty cool in a way, but that last few hours last Monday was pretty surreal.

Spent the afternoon of today and yesterday acting in Allan's film (he's doing some video production course, and has to make some five minute thing, which he roped me into somehow). Yesterday was just me and Galen jacking around (and we stole a packet of Oreos) and it was fun, but today was fucking freezing cold. My bird showed up at the shoot, and Galen was bad mouthing her, so I had to punch him in the face.

I say Bully last night. Now, I've seen a whole lot of arthouse films in my time, and some of them were pretty messed up shit, and this was right on par. My man Marcus volunteered for the tickets (because they promised sex, violence and sexual violence), and I took him, although I suspected that he was perhaps not the best choice, not being so into alternative cinema. The look on his face as we walked out told me that it messed him up good. About the film though... it was good. Pretty messed up, but I didn't look at my watch once, and I cringed during some of the violence, which is something I haven't done since that bit in The Killer, where he uses the gunpowder to seal up his wound. The anti-violence message I took away from it pissed me off some, but overall it was a pretty powerful ride, with just enough stoner jokes to keep us not being psychopathic serial killers.

Downloaded a whole bunch of They Might Be Giants' songs today. I noticed that there are the most sources for them around midday. Why? Because around midday is around late at night in America, which is when the nerds are on the Internet, and They Might Be Giants are definitely nerd music.

Anywho. Back to the race, I suppose.

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