Teretz Syndrome

Friday, July 26. 10:39PM

I've been getting there weird ass emails in Spanish. I've had three so far. I translated one in Bablefish and it came out like this...

From: KittyKat_16@hotmail.com

Subject: The life despues of the death.

An interesting thesis on this subject of conversasion that it never happens fashionable.

...and it had a *.cpl file attached, which I vaguely recall is a control panel file or something (well, it hell aint a word *.doc or an Adobe file or anything), so I didn't download it. What next, I wonder?

Oh, and a big congratulations to Ed, our 100th (and basically every other number) visitor. His diligence has inspired me to post (twice in two days! Carrumba!).

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