Teretz Syndrome

Saturday, September 28. 7:11PM

I'm listening to Kool and the Gang - Ladies Night. I found out who Kool was. His name is Robert Bell. He plays bass guitar, and the Gang are eight other black guys. Most of them have nick names also - "J.T.", "Star", "Fitz", "Khalis", "Spike", and "D.T." "Sheep" plays in one of their songs, but I don't think he's actually a member of the gang. For the uninitiated, Kool and the Gang are the coolest band ever - they feature on the soundtrack of every single movie.

Had to leave for a sec just then. Dylan left his coat here last night and he came to pick it up. It is now 7:19PM. Last night was, by the way, the Third Annual Pulp Fiction Party-o-Rama. It was okay, I guess. It was a good party, but not much of a party-o-rama. About twenty showed up - very few girls. Not all that much drinking. Depressing, really. I blame myself. It was very poorly organised, partly because my parents refused to leave early enough, thereby not giving me time to organize the party sufficiently. Hopefully they will go away at new year, and I can have a real big one, with champagne, and cake, and actually have a good costume and all that. Like the second one - only better. Bigger! More fun! I think the best parties are always the ones with a purpose, rather then those dedicated purely to drinking. I did gain a "keep left" sign, however.

I actually slept last night, and spent most of today cleaning up. I do feel kind of sleepy though. I think I'll go upstairs. What I really want to do is harangue Jonathan for his absence last night, but I rang him before and his brother said he'll be working till nine. Ah well. Plenty of time for that later.


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