Teretz Syndrome

Sunday, November 3, 2002. 8:37PM

It's been a pretty slow week, really. Mostly I've been working on assignments. I had my final Applications Development due in on Friday, and my Authorship and Narrative in the Cinema one is due on Monday. I finished Apps Dev on Wednesday, and the other one this afternoon. I'm reasonably happy with both of them. I don't think I'll fail at any rate. I watched a whole bunch of Martin Scorsese films for my Authorship and Narrative one - seven, in fact. My family has never been much of a video store family (I can recall going about five times in my life), so I do enjoy a good outing to the local video store - a chance to browse along the shelves and remember fondly movies past (and laugh at the names of the porn films). When I needed my second batch of films my mother drove me down to the Video Easy, and they asked us for our password in order to use the card. We had no idea what it was, and so fed them a bunch of fairly standard codes in my fathers life. On about the fifth try, it turned out to be the code for the burglar alarm, but we'd already said a bunch of other stuff before that. Had the clerk written them all down she could have read my dad's email, stolen all out money, and taken our TV and VCR.

On Wednesday I went and saw Pollock with Anh, however, that's not where this anecdote begins. As I arrived at the station (my station) I was confronted by none other than my long time ex-girlfriend, Chau (who I now realise is not entirely unlike Anh, a fact which scares me just a little). Anyway, we caught the train together as far as made logical sense, and had a reasonably civil conversation, during which she revealed to me that she was in a class with my good friend Jonathan, and had his text book in her bag. I tried to convince her to let me write something particularly cool in it, the plan being that one day Jonathan would find it and be entirely freaked out, however, she wouldn't let me, citing that it would only lead to her being the object of Jonathan's not insubstantial wrath. Anyway, after that minor adventure, I met up with Anh okay, saw the film, walked her to her bus, said good night and Robert's your father's brother. No, not quite. I rode the tram for a few stops before realising that the gesticulating individual down the far end was Allan (one of the four know regular readers of this column). I went to see him, we had words, when, low and behold, just as we passed RMIT, who should board the tram but Melbourne Uni student Steve (jubilant, having just won (unopposed) some post as Computer Commander or some shit at RMITV). Again, we had words and he told me to come with him to Flinders St where we met his long time girlfriend and all round borderline insane person Jillick. I contemplated going back to RMIT with them, but eventually decided to catch the train home. I expected to see Jo, or at least Chau again, but alas, I was disappointed.

My father left for China for three weeks on Thursday, so on Wednesday I asked, very openly if I could have a New Years Eve Party. They expressed some concern, but said all right. I email my email orientated list, asking if anyone was remotely interested, or more importantly was having their own shindig and received a pretty poor response. I put that down more to the fact that my friends are bums (and it wasn't even quite November when I sent that out). The one person I seriously expect to oppose it, however, did reply informing me that he wasn't having one, and would be happy to come, pending other plans. So yes, New Years Eve at Del Casa Me will probably go ahead. More beer and titties then any other party.

Some of you have asked me if Fran read the post of several weeks ago which ended with a prayer that she didn't read it. Well, she emailed me last Sunday claiming to have read it, but quite a lot after the fact. So HA!

There's really not that much more to say. I need a job. Somebody get me a job.

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