Teretz Syndrome

Thursday, July 4. 12:06PM

Went to the dentist this morning. Haven't been for years and years. I told him I though I had a cavity, and he checked it all out and then showed me some x-rays. Said "No son, this is not a cavity - just a stain..." I smiled the smile of a zebra saved from death by a well timed poacher's rifle. "This is a cavity." The fucking poacher put a cap in my ass also. Still, I thought, could be worse. Went home and had two chocolate bars and a glass of coke for lunch.

Normally I time my arrival at the station to only barely proceed the arrival of the train, however, as I was at the dentist this morning, on the way home I had to wait the better part of twenty minutes at the station. I was watching some skater kids, and I came to a realisation. Every single time you go to any station, anywhere, there are always dickhead skater kids. They are always doing tricks on their boards...kicking and flipping and whatnot, and they screw up every single one. Bar none. I'm fairly confident I have never actually seen a skateboard trick accomplished successfully. In fact, it makes me wonder if it is even possible outside of "Tony Hawke Pro Skater III".

Party-o-rama was the other day. Big night. Still recovering, really. I'm told I drank an incredible amount, but I don't recall falling over, or even slurring my words or being drunk in really any way (well, there was some loss of hand-eye coordination). It's weird. I stayed up all night, see, from six in the morning on Tuesday (when my dog woke me up) till eleven on Wednesday (41 hours, although I did fall asleep in the bath for a while on Wednesday arvo), so most of the stuff I really recall is from three AM when mostly everybody had gone home, and there where only a few of us sitting around listening to music and talking about what bums the rest of the sleeping people were (and writing "I love penis" on Sam's forehead for the second time). However, when I think about it, I can recall the other bits, when...like...fifty of us were singing Bohemian Rhapsody, and all the individual moments I had with people I don't know. That's the weirdest thing about playing host to a whole bunch of people who either don't know or don't like each other - you have to keep moving, and people are constantly asking you for things, so you end up spending not as much time as you'd like with a lot of people, and never actually having a meaningful, non-smalltalk conversation. There were a lot of people I don't know, also, but I suppose I asked for it by writing "bring your friends, bring their friends" on the invitation, although personally, I would never go to somebody's house I didn't know (being a friend of a friend of someone he knew a little) and stay there all night playing pool without so much as... well... I dunno... anything. I though I was pretty aware of everything that went on there, but last time it took me a few months to discover that they'd set my fence on fire, and somebody told me last night that there were people "getting to know each other" in my bathroom and taking speed upstairs, both of which I didn't see... and seriously doubt... but, you never know... I never saw anyone drinking a Johnny Walker and Cola either, but there were cans of it all over the place. All things accounted for, however, the house is in tact, nothing is broken, nothing seems to be missing, the cleanup wasn't too difficult, so I guess it's all good. Only thing I have to do is get that couch out of my backyard before my parents come back.

Oh, and Ed plugged this site on his site a while back, and I guess it's possible that some people from there might come here, so "Hello", whoever you are.

Have fun cats.


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