Teretz Syndrome

Sunday, October 6. 4:33PM

The last hours of uni break are slipping from my grasp. I've just put the finishing touches on my assignment, due tomorrow. It's not as good as it could be (but in this world, what really is), but it'll get me a credit - maybe even a distinction. I understand that my bird should be back in the country either by now, or some time soon. She hasn't called yet, so I guess she's not here. I'm in kind of a negative disposition toward her at the moment as the only form of contact I've had with her of late are these lame, lame, lame email surveys she seems to feel the need to forward, and in the she uses all these goddamn chat abbreviations, like stupid fucking smilies and "lolz" and stuff. I am just so very glad that people haven't started to transfer these things to their speech patterns yet, or I would seriously have to go postal on a lot of people.

I'm vaguely contemplating asking my parents straight out if they can go away over new years so I can have this massive party to end all parties (my sister will be back a few months after, and as such, will spell an end to four party-o-rama's a year). I dunno how they'd react. They've been pretty cool of late, but they're never that cool. I gave them some tickets I won this morning, for which they gave me a small amount of money. After seeing the free movie and eating the free Yum-Cha they came home in a good mood and gave me more money. After that, however, I played dad at pool, and he noticed one of the beer stains from the last party (I hadn't even noticed it. I think it must have been the light). I went up and sponged it off not long ago. With any luck that will fix it.

I dunno what I'm saying anymore. I've been kind of in the mood to work on this site of late. I've put my man Ed onto fixing the forums, and I think I might do another Pornographic Ninja soon. Also, I plan to add a party-o-rama section, with some pictures of the last three, and a copy of my play list, accompanied by instructions of how to get songs onto said playlist. It's really being pissing me off with people interfering with the music and so on. Speaking of which, I saw Ben again the other day (the faggy faggy fag who fucked with the music last time), this time accompanied by his 'girlfriend'. I guess she was all right, though not as good as he made out. I think my other friend Ben (Hennesy) put it best when he said "How does such a fag score something like that?"

Good old Ben.

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