Teretz Syndrome

Thursday, March 6, 2003. 2:38PM.

Ah so, log is ney.

Logging again. Been a little while. I guess the most major event was the return of me unto uni. It seems okay. Much the same as I left it. There's a small voice deep inside of me that says "Dude! This semester is hardcore!", but I know now that semesters always seem hardcore at the start, but ultimately, are not hardcore. Occasionally they are hardcore in retrospect, but hardcore is as hardcore does, so when you're staying up all night coding line after line of binary code, heped up on Jolt Cola, it just seems fairly normal. Then there's that moment, when, after hours and hours of frustration, you run the test pattern and presto, everything works, and all of a sudden you feel so alive, the world is complete. I can conquer all adversity! I am Zeedar, hear me roar!

The other thing at uni is the Asian girls. It never ceases to amaze me exactly how many Asian girls are in our business building. It must be at least 40%. Easy. Sometimes in the big halls I sit right at the back and watch them file in, and think "this is the dance of the Asian girls." At the bottom of the stairwell at uni (I always take the stairs for some reason. Basically the lifts suck, although they've redone them this semester and they suck a lot less, but still, I'm sticking with the stairs. Exercise and all that.) there is this big heavy door. That requires a considerable yank to get it open. Invariably, I give it said yank, and the door flies open. Usually there's an Asian girl on the other side looking shocked that I've just wrenched the door off its hinges in front of her, and I try and look at her funny. Occasionally I say something bizarre. Because of creative timetabling, I only go on Mondays and Tuesdays, and there being a public holiday on Monday, makes this week a six day weekend. Hence, when the Asian girl on Tuesday afternoon looked shocked, I shouted at her "Yeah! Six day weekend!" and ran off down the arcade singing "School's out for summer! School's out forever!"

I loaded on Windows Xp at the weekend, and it's all very new and stylish. Curved buttons and all that. It was giving me a few problems with virtual memory and wanting to auto-dial shit all the time, but just a little of me being the l33t H4XoR I am solved those.

Got a new phone, at long last. Cute little Nokia. Almost exactly twice the size of a similar device I always carry, that can perform no function other than making fire - a considerable ability, but not quite as sophisticated as a mobile phone. Came with a light green cover, that looked... well... quite gay, so I took advantage of an expedition to the city to go looking for a new one. At a dogy store in Chinatown I found what I was after, in the form of a comparatively badass dragon one. Shortly after purchasing it, however, I realised that I had just become one of those fags who buy dumb mobile phone covers and backgrounds, and ring tones and so on, and stick those fucking stupid flashing lights on the back of their phones. I vaguely want to kill myself, and even contemplated going back to the old cover, but decided that being pretentious gay was better than being lame gay. What I really want is to find some place where you can have your own printed, and get the ZT device logo (look, it's just there, up there in the corner, unless you're using the direct link or Netscape 1.6 something) on a phone cover. That would be bad ass.

On the same expedition I was walking though a different mall, singing Sunshine Of Your Love by Cream, with full air guitar and drums, and various accompaniment, when I noticed this kid looking at me real funny. It didn't really phase me at the time. I just thought "yeah, well fuck you, kid" and kept on walking (and singing and playing). I was going to say that perhaps I should reconsider what is socially acceptable behavior if kids are looking at me funny, but no, I don't think so. FUCK YOU, KID! Hmm. Now it has just occurred to me that that exact attitude seems, from my observation, to be the prevalent philosophy in the Goth pantheon. Maybe I am slipping toward being a Goth again. That's a bit of a worry. The last real Goths I had anything to do with got blood on my dog and ruined my jelly.

I had got off SimCity 4 for a while, but it seems I'm back onto it now. Woe is me. My cities are getting a lot better, though. The trick is to never, ever, under any circumstances, borrow money.

Ah well. I guess that's all for now. Enjoy your lives and so on.

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