Teretz Syndrome

Wednesday, May 7, 2003. 9:00PM

Wow. May already. More to the point, week 10 already. Week 10? Fuck me. There are only 13 weeks, and I know I've got at least three assignments before the semester ends. Fuck.

I've been going to Timezone everyday and using my one free game a day on Virtual Cop (such is the privilege of a gold card holder). I know the game pretty well now. Well, in truth, I knew it pretty well already from my misspent youth, but now I know it better. I can get up to that industrial complex bit on one credit, just before the boss. About of a third of the way through the game. Seeing as I only really have to go into the city twice a week, and I go in socially maybe two more times, I keep having to think of excuses to go in. I don't know whether it is my Jewishness coming through, or I'm just addicted to Virtual Cop, but I am somewhat disgusted by at the lengths I will go to to play a five minute game in a lame arcade. I have a friend who works at Intensity at the Jam Factory, and he has promised to let me play for free if I ever go there, but do I? Nope. I even beat Virtual Cop once (like I said, misspent youth) and now it's roped me in again. I've been playing Renegade a bit at home, but that's just a way of satisfying my space pirate fantasies. I am the pirate king!

Now let's see, we last spoke on Tuesday last week. I can't remember Wednesday, but I'm sure I didn't do anything. No wait! I played in a pool tournament, and lost. Me and my man Marcus did, however, win the best dressed again - an award they invented specifically for us last year. Yet more bullshit RMIT merchandise is ours! I think if we keep this up we shall come in final year clad fully in RMIT logo clothes rather than in tuxedos.

Thursday we went to the Chinatown for the action double. Not much action. It was the Leslie Cheung tribute night (he killed himself a month or so ago), so we watched a few of his films. They were all right, I suppose, but I'd rather see an alive Jackie Chan then a dead Leslie Cheung any day of the week. Caught the tram home to be social, and made a few jokes. It was all right.

Friday morning I got up, rang a few numbers, and scored myself two tickets to the Superjesus gig that night. I wanted to take my best girl (as one does), but she was at school (sometimes I worry about the girls I seem to go after. They're all schoolgirls, and more importantly, they all turn out to be crazy), so I rang a few people, none of home could tell me accurately either the name of a Superjesus song, or what genre of music they played. I couldn't either, so it wasn't really an obstacle, and they all declined anyway. About four o'clock I was thinking about calling the girl, when, low and behold the phone rings and it's her wanting me to go to something. I say "no, how would you like to come to Superjesus?" "all right", says she, so come eight thirty (fresh from Timezone) I'm waiting out the front of the town hall pretending to read and looking intellectual. Across the road a line of die hard Superjesus fans stretches around the block. We walk straight to the front of the line (being cool), and make to walk in before the bouncer says "can I see some ID?" "Fuck" I say. Shouldn't have shaved off that damn beard. Still, not a problem, as I whip out my trusty ID and show it to the man. Now, I'm on the other side of the velvet rope, and he asks her the same question. Now, she is eighteen, but not so long ago (I think I was talking about her eighteenth birthday party just last week) so she has no ID. A brief confrontation occurs as I try to escape the clutches of the velvet rope and shout down the bouncer, then convince her that I'm not going to a Superjesus concert with a random stranger. Eventually, we leave and end up at Bambu, where we stay drinking till about three in the morning (and I find myself mentally calculating her alcohol limit, a habit I develop years ago, and have been criticized for several times). Good times ensue, and far past all our bedtimes I see her home and begin the trek home myself. I take a short cut through Royal Park and end up on the access road to the Zoo, where I swear I saw a monkey climbing over the fence (scared the shit out of me). Crossing Moonee Ponds Creek, I recall an anecdote my friend Andrew once told wherein he found a body, guarded by an agent from The Matrix in Moonee Ponds creek. I check for bodies, but find none. About four AM I make it home.

Saturday I sleep (and don't make it to Timezone). Sunday I go randomly to the city. On the train I meet Jo (the secret love of my life) and her boyfriend (who must now die a sudden and tragic death, leaving her open to... consolation). I go to Timezone and wander around for a little while, until, finding none of my acquaintances, I give Ed a call. After some prompting he comes to the city and we eat, and then he drives me home and we play pool. Then Monday at uni, Tuesday is similar. Today I went to the city randomly again (damn you Timezone!) and this time I see my old friend Steve. We have half an hour or so of decent times discussing that feeling you get during an EFTPOS transaction when you wait for the approved sign, and his girlfriend tells me the bags under my eyes are sexy. Eventually, my ticket about to expire I head home rather than pay for another.


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