Teretz Syndrome

Sunday, June 9, 2002. 5:40PM

This is the first log entry it would seem, and very possibly the last, as I already have little to say.

I guess I should begin by explaining this log a bit. You see, I never kept a diary...essentially because keeping diaries is for girls...however, that said, in some deep recess of my girly, girly soul, I think I might want to keep a diary, so rather then scribble my hopes and dreams into a book, on the vague off chance that my sister would find it, type it up and give it to my cousins after I die, I have decided to tell amusing anecdotes to my friends, acquaintances (possibly my cousins, as at least one of them went to my old site) and no doubt at least one complete stranger, via this website.

Right, on to today's adventure. Very little, really being a Sunday. I got up at noon-ish, ate some liquorice, had a shower. For the last few days my mother has been looking for the rubber ring that holds one side of the blender in place, and she found it (well, most of it) in my sisters (homemade) pesto sandwich has she settled down to lunch (she ate a fair bit, so with any luck, my sister's imminent death will add some spice to this otherwise dull monologue). After one I took my dog and father driving (my mother came too, but she bailed at the end of the street). Went so far. Somewhere out in the middle of the countryside somewhere. Took the dog for a couple of hundred meters walk. Drove back. On the way home I discovered what happens when you change gears without the clutch.

That took fifteen minutes. There's still half an hour till 'The Simpsons'. I wonder if there's any liquorice left.

Have fun, cats.

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