Teretz Syndrome

Sunday, December 6, 2003. 6:35PM

I've been talking about this for a little while, and finally, here it is. This log is pretty heavy without my introduction (over 6000 words), so I guess we'll just get straight into it. I strongly recommend you read this first, however, if you haven't already.

The following story is a copyrighted work of fiction, © 2003 by Zeedar Teretz. Many of it's characters are based on celebrities, and intended as a parody. The events in this novel are fictional, or speculation only. It is based on the copywrited work 'The Olsen Twins Get Gang Raped By Genetically Altered Wolves,' by Fidelius Castratus, 1999. Permission pending. The following story deals with adult topics and may not be read by people under legal adult age.

The Olsen Twins Get Gang Raped By Genetically Altered Wolves 2.


She felt the wolf's jaws holding her tightly around her neck. She felt the pain as the other wolf's penis entered her. She closed her eyes and reveled in it, his Doggy penis slowly moving in and out of her. The soft pain that felt like pressing a bruise - it hurt and yet it felt so good. She felt the jaws of the great dog release her neck, but did not try to run, as a warm tingling feeling built up inside of her. She moaned a little with pleasure, and turned her head to one side. She opened her eyes to see the tortured face of her identical twin sister crying in agony - the tears running down her cheeks. She screamed.

* * *

Mary-Kate Olsen awoke with a start; her heart beating wildly and her body drenched in sweat. She slid out of bed, her thin baby-doll nightshirt sticking to her chest. She touched her budding young breasts feeling the hardness of her nipples. A cool gust of breeze sent a shiver down her spine, and she moved to close the open window. As she did, she caught a reflection of herself in the full length mirror attached to her wardrobe door. It was three years since that night. Since the night the genetically altered wolves had happened upon her and Ashley as they experimented with physical love in their tent. Three years since she had last seen her sister. She reached out and touched her reflection. "Oh Ashley," she whispered. "I know you're alive. Come back to me. I love you."

Chapter One:

A sunbeam cut through the curtains and lit up Mary-Kate Olsen's mane of blonde hair, which spread out over her pillow. Her dreams of ponies and money cut short, she smiled and stretched. Today was Saturday, and it was going to be a good day. With a flourish, she pulled open the curtains, filling the room with glorious sunshine. She sighed a happy sigh, looking out over the green estate surrounding her family home. She opened the wardrobe door and grabbed her dressing gown. As she did so, she caught sight of herself in the mirror, and recalled the previous evening. She winked at her reflection and said "Good morning, Ashley."

As Mary-Kate walked into the kitchen, her mother was just pouring the milk into her cereal. "Oh Mom!" Mary-Kate exclaimed, "You know I only drink soy-milk!" "C'mon, Mary-Kate. You have a perfect body, what harm can a little milk do?" Mary-Kate agreed with her mother, but she was fifteen, and wasn't about to let that bossy hag get her way. "No!" She replied. "I won't eat them. Non-soy milk is horrible." With a sigh, her mother poured the cereal into the bowl of Mary-Kate's dog, Dudley Manlove (who the family had named after Dudley Manlove from Plan Nine From Outer Space), and fixed her another bowl. She certainly had got more bossy since her sister disappeared!

Mary-Kate had barely finished reading when the doorbell rang. "Oh no, Mommy," she cried. "That's Max come to pick me up! I had forgotten he was coming! Stall him while I get dressed." As Mary-Kate ran up the stairs, her mother sighed again and reached for the Special K on the top shelf. From the box she removed a bottle of whisky, and poured her third shot for the day. She drank it, returned the bottle, and gave a piece of gum four or five chews to freshen her breath. As she spat the gum into the bin, the doorbell rang again. She cursed under her breath, and walked down the hall to the front door.

Max Winkler was Mary-Kate's boyfriend. He was 16, and they had been dating for two months. His father was Henry Winkler, who had made all the money he needed playing The Fonze on Happy Days, and had now retired to a massive Hollywood Estate not far from the Olsen's, and sat around all day replying to fan mail, only going out to film bit parts in Adam Sandler movies. Max and Mary-Kate went to the same school. He had always had a crush on Ashley, but had always been too shy to put a move on her. Mary-Kate was shy too, and Ashley's absence had made it a lot easier. They had held hands and made out a little, and once she had let him touch her breasts through her top, but they had never had sex. He hopped today might be the day.

Mary-Kate's mother opened the door and looked down at the young man on the doorstep. He was clad in a white tee-shirt and jeans, and had a brown leather jacket slung over one shoulder. She sighed inside and thought not for the first time that he must be adopted. She had always fancied his father, and the boy obviously idolised him, however, the kind of cool that Henry Winkler had could not be taught. You either got it or you don't, and this kid wasn't even close. "Come in Max," she said "Mary-Kate will be down in a minute." She walked back into the house, and laughed to herself as Max tripped on the step. She needed a drink.

Mary-Kate scampered down the stairs, dressed in a tight white FCUK tee shirt and designer jeans. She gave Max a hug, and yelled a brief goodbye to her mother, who seemed to be getting some more cereal. Her mother was always getting cereal, but never seemed to be eating it. "C'mon Max, let's go."

In the kitchen her mother began to feel the effect of the whiskey as she watched Max Winkler drive her daughter away in his Honda Civic.

* * *

Mary-Kate looked at her watch. It read 11:55pm. She way staying the night at the Winkler's, and was going to sneak into Max's room at midnight. She hadn't had sex since the night her sister disappeared (if you can call being rapped by a giant wolf "sex"), and she had decided that tonight would be the night. She made her last preparations, spraying a little perfume on. She had shaved her little tuft of pubic hair into a thin line for the occasion, and now she reached into her panties to run a comb through it. She new Max was a virgin and she wanted everything to he perfect for him. She looked at the clock again. 11:58pm. Oh well, a few minutes early couldn't hurt.

Max checked one more time to make sure the condom he had stolen from his father's bedside cabinet was still under the lamp by his bed. He ran his fingers through his hair, and started at the soft knock on the door. He took a deep breath, looked in the mirror, and tried to click his fingers. It didn't work. It never seemed to for him. He went to the door and let Mary-Kate in. She was wearing a singlet top and short shorts. She looked hot. She closed the door and put her hands on his chest, and he could feel a hard on forming in his Y-fronts. "Hey, Max" she said seductively, and kissed him gently, pushing him back toward the bed. He closed his eyes as his penis became painfully hard - harder than it had ever been before. He felt the edge of bed behind his knees, and eased himself down. Their kiss broke, but he kept his eyes closed a moment longer - just long enough to feel Mary-Kate straddle him. He opened his eyes and looked up at her. She smiled, and leant in to kiss him. He could feel the weight of her breasts against his chest. She sat up again, crossed her arms over, hooked her thumbs under the edge of her top and removed it. He shuddered with excitement as her firm young breasts spilled out, and he caught his first glimpse of nipple. As Mary-Kate began to pull his shirt over his head, he reached out with one finger and touched her nipple. It was hard, yet somehow rubbery. "Wow" he thought, "I'm about to have sex with the hottest girl in school."

Mary-Kate stood up to remove her shorts and panties, and then knelt on the floor as she undid Max's belt and slipped off his jeans. She slipped her fingers under the edge of his geeky underwear (she must remember to get him some nicer stuff) and stopped, a puzzled look on her face. They felt wet, and she could feel that his penis was limp and flaccid. She looked at his face. "What's wrong, Max?" "I'm so sorry... I couldn't help it." Suddenly, she just wanted to leave. "Maybe I should go" she said, as she hurriedly got dressed. "No... wait... it'll come back..." he pleaded. "No, I'm leaving." She pulled her top on. It was inside out, but she didn't care. "Goodnight, Max." She murmured and hurried out the door. On the bed, Max Winkler let his head loll back. His first chance to get laid and he had screwed it up. He began to cry.

Mary-Kate leant against the door in the corridor. Her heart was beating fast, and her mouth was dry. She decided to slip down into the kitchen and get a bottle of water.

* * *

Mary-Kate Olsen rounded the corner into the kitchen and stopped. The kitchen was illuminated by the dull glow of the refrigerator light, and standing with his head in it, dressed in a pair of black silk pajama pants and not wearing a shirt, was Henry Winkler. He slowly stood, turned around and contemplated her. After a moment he reached back in, and brought out two small glass bottles of Coke. He opened the first bottle against his palm, and slid it down the long island bench in the center of the kitchen. It stopped exactly at the point closest too her, right in front of a stool. He opened he other bottle with his teeth, and took it with him as he sat down on the stool opposite hers. After a moment's hesitation, Mary-Kate sat down, took a straw from the container on the bench, and began to sip her coke.

Henry Winkler drank his coke down in four swigs, and then began to stare intently at Mary-Kate. She found his penetrating gaze uncomfortable. After a moment, she could bare the silence no longer, and said "So... Mr. Winkler..." He held up one hand. "Ey... Shh." Shocked, Mary-Kate stopped talking. Henry Winkler continued to stare. After what seemed the longest time, he slowly stood up and walked around to her. She turned to face him. Gently, he picked her up with his powerful arms and placed her on the edge of the table. He leaned in and began to kiss her. The kiss was entirely different to any kiss she'd had before. It was not the sloppy kiss of a teenager, but the powerful kiss of a man. It made her feel giddy, and she would have fallen over were it not for his strong arms around her. He broke the kiss off and gave her a smoldering glace before taking hold of the two straps of her singlet top and tearing it clean in half. He then kissed her again, breaking it off to move down her body, lowering her back onto the bench as he did so. He spent a moment licking her left nipple, sending an electric thrill through her body. His let his lips linger a moment on her navel, then straightened to slip off her shorts and panties. He placed his palm on her pubic mound and slid her horizontally onto the bench and climbed on top of her. He let his fingers wander a moment, stimulating her clitoris. He seemed to notice something next to her head, and reached for it. She gasped as she felt the cold rim of the bottle against her vaginal lips, sliding down. He slowly inserted it into her - first the narrow neck, but quickly growing larger. She cried out with pain as he neared the center of the bottle - its widest point - but still he continued, deeper and deeper, until the bottle began to get thinner. There he paused for a moment, her pain changing from a stabbing one to a dull throb. He began to withdraw the bottle, and then insert it again, faster and faster. His left hand went to her left breast, and her nipple began to tingle as he stimulated it. She could feel the rivets of the bottle inside of her, and it seemed as though her heart beat faster and faster as its bulbous tip burrowed deeper and deeper. It felt like a warm ball was rising though her body. She opened he mouth, and was shocked to hear herself moaning with pleasure. "Oohhhh... Ooohhhhh..." she moaned as her ecstasy built - she felt like she was shaking all over. She could feel something coming... she was almost there... "Oohhhh... yes!" she almost screamed, and there is was. Her body convulsed as she climaxed, the warm ball exploding through her, then seeping away. The bottle began to slow, and then slowly withdrew. She lay on the counter with her eyes closed, panting, her heart beat retuning to normal. She opened her eyes a crack, to see Henry Winker standing a few feet away from her, looking toward the door. "That's the last time I ever clean up after you," he said bitterly, but not to her. As he left the room, she slowly looked to the other door where his son stood, ashen faced and on the verge of tears.

Chapter 2:

Ashley Olsen awakened in her cold concrete cell as she had done every morning for three years. Ever since that fateful night when she had watched the large wolf lead away her sister, while she was violated in every possible way by the other great dogs. When their base urges had been satisfied, the wolves had begun to carry her away too, in the opposite direction to her sister. She had been sure they were going to eat her. Before they could, however, the sound of many men moving about the woods had agitated the wolves, and they had abandoned her and run away, only to be gunned down by the waiting agents of the same government organisation that had created them. The uniformed men had found her and cleaned her up, but when she told them her story they had looked concerned and brought her here. For a while they had run tests on her, but now they ignored her. Once a day a small gate would open, and behind it would be three meals and a change of clothes. She had a bed, a basin, a toilet and a small microwave. Up in the ceiling the beady eye of a camera watched her. In this place she had blossomed into a young woman - wasting what seemed like the best years of her life. Now she wanted out. Now she was pissed off.

* * *

Ashley began as soon as her meal package arrived, figuring that the activity of delivery to the other inmates in this place would cause her actions to be overlooked. She first took the mattress off her wooden cot and leant it up against the wall. She then climbed up the slats on its base till she could reach the security camera. She grabbed onto it with both hands, and it broke off, leaving a dangling live wire hanging from the roof. Next she went to the microwave. Wrapping a metal fork in her bed sheet with a lock of her own hair, she pressed the start button, and watched as the fork began to spark. After a moment, a small flame appeared in the hair, and quickly spread to the bed sheet. She opened the door and through in some more strips of sheet, and smiled a satisfied smile at the nice little fire that eventuated. With a grunt she heaved the microwave from its place in the wall and threw it into the meal gate, slamming it shut behind it. She then went to the basin and turned on one tap, covering the spout so as to create a tall arc of water. She maneuvered the jet until it hit the wire. There was a bright flash, and the room went dark. She waited in the dark, wondering if her plan had worked, when the high pitched sound of an alarm came from outside the room. She looked at the door, and, as if in response, it gave a sigh. She ran too it and pulled it open. Her plan had worked. In the event of a fire during a power-failure the doors had automatically opened. She was free.

She ran down the corridor, dim with smoke. She did not know this place, and was running in what felt to her like the right direction. Every now and again she passed people running in various directions, but they paid her no attention, so she paid them none. The smoke was clearing when she turned a corner, and almost ran into three unicorns. They looked surprised to see her. The lead unicorn considered her for a moment, then gave her a horsy grin, and with a click of his tongue and a nod of his head, indicated that she should get on his back. She had ridden a lot as a little girl, but not bareback very often, still, these unicorns seemed to know what they were doing, so she did as he wanted, threaded her fingers through his mane and held on. The unicorns began to canter down the corridors, and up some stairs, until they burst out into a sort of lobby. Some people began to chase them, but the unicorns were far too quick, and charged out the main doors, across the courtyard and into the woods. For a while they ran into the forest. Ashley was enjoying herself. She could feel the muscles in the unicorn's back undulating between her legs, and it awakened something in her she hadn't felt four three years. As the sun began to set they unicorns slowed to a trot, and eventually stopped altogether. Ashley slid down - it seemed this was where they were going to stop for the night. The head unicorn indicated that she should sleep under him, so after making herself a small bed of pine needles, she curled up in a tight little ball between his legs, the other unicorns standing nearby, and went to sleep.

* * *

Ashley awoke in the middle of the night. It was drizzling slightly. She looked up, and in the soft glow of the moonlight, all she could see was the giant penis of the unicorn hanging above her head. Tentatively she reached out her hand. She had never really had a chance to investigate a penis before, and certainly not one so large as this. She began to stroke it lightly with her finger tips, running them up and down its hairy sides. She was shocked to see it hardening and sliding out of its sheath. In the strange logic of the recently awakened, she wondered what it would taste like, and poked out the tip of her delectate tongue, running it along the length of the penis to the tip. She paused a moment, her tongue on its very extremity, before opening her lips and sliding them over the penis' head. It was so large - she could barely fit any of it in her mouth! She began moving her head up and down, practicing the movement. She found that if she got her breathing right, she could open her throat and slip the penis deep down. She was just caressing the edge of the penis with the tips of her teeth. This felt strangely good - she couldn't imagine how good it must be for the unicorn. As if responding to her thought, he let out an excited whinny.

Ashley sensed that the other unicorns had moved closer, and felt one of them put his head through the front legs of the chief unicorn. He placed his horn on her stomach and pulled up, ripping the buttons of her orange prison shirt, and tearing her prison issue bra clean in half. She felt the cold night air caress her nipples, and they hardened even more. The horn then made its way down her pants, into her crotch. For a moment, the horn paused directly over the entrance of her vagina, then punched right through her panties and slid deep inside of her. She would have screamed if her mouth wasn't full of giant unicorn cock. The horn began to undulate, in, out, in, out in perfect rhythm with her mouth. Unicorn horns were not so sharp up close. Her natural compulsion to moan was making her breathing co-ordination difficult, but this felt way too good to stop.

Ashley Olsen was so preoccupied with the two unicorns she had, that it came as a complete surprise when she felt the horn of the third on the small of her back. It slid down inside the elastic waste of her pants and with the utmost in accuracy, inside her anus. This sent a shock of pain though her body, but that pain was quickly replaced by the pleasure of stimulation. Every nerve in her body was tingling, and her heart was racing. The unicorn horns had rings every inch or so along their length, and as each one entered or left her body, the ecstasy she felt grew greater and greater. She felt herself begin to orgasm, and could not help letting out a moan of pleasure. She almost choked, but had to moan again. This time, as she felt the moan rise warm goo filled her throat. The unicorn was beginning to ejaculate. The first squirt had been deep in her throat and she was able to swallow it, but the second came in her mouth, just as she was moaning. With the escape of wind it got caught in her nasal passage, and she felt a burning sensation as unicorn semen came out her nose. She removed the cock from her mouth and sniffed to get everything back in order, then realised that she was about to come herself! With her mouth now free of obstruction, she could wail all she wanted, and did, her moans of ecstasy filling the still night. She was touching her breasts as the unicorns did her harder and faster, harder and faster, she moaned once more, on the verge of climax, then boom! The orgasm exploded inside of her. The greatest orgasm of her life. Her heart pounding, she collapsed on her bed of pine needles as the unicorns withdrew. She could barely move for the next half hour, after which she didn't want to. She lay down a fell asleep between the unicorn's legs.

* * *

When Ashley awoke, the sun had long risen. In the trees of the woods the birds were singing, and the unicorns had disappeared. She had not eaten in two days, and was feeling hungry. She knew that her house was on the edge of these woods, but the woods were large, and she had no idea where she was. She decided that she would walk in the same direction for as long as it took to find some people, and, after picking the direction that seemed best, she set about making herself presentable. Her clothes were torn from the unicorns, but after a few careful knots and tears (and some accessorising) she had quite a serviceable orange halter top and short pants combination. She looked at herself in a puddle, admiring her smooth brown stomach. "Not bad for a girl who hasn't seen another person in three years" she remarked to no one in particular. She blew herself a kiss, and set off.

* * *

Ashley Olsen sat in the dinner, enjoying a piece of apple pie, her first food in days. She had walked for several hours before finding the highway, and followed it for a few more before she had found this truck stop. The owner had taken pity on her big eyes and corn-fed good looks and agreed to lend her a quarter to call home, and had brought her this pie while she waited. She was staring absent mindedly out the window when she saw herself climb out of a dark blue Mercedes. She looked again. Her vision focused. Mary-Kate! Tears of joy in her eyes, she dropped her fork and ran for the door. Her identical twin sister greeted her with open arms. As they hugged each other tightly, Mary-Kate whispered in her ear "I missed you so much, Ashley." "I missed you too Mary-Kate."

Chapter 3:

Mary-Kate and Ashley's parents were overjoyed to have their little girl home. They were not the sort of parents who would pressure their child into telling them where she had been - they believed that when she was ready she would tell them of her own vocation. They assumed she'd run away, and had gotten bored and come home. She was home. That was the important thing.

After dinner their parents would watch the news in the lounge (their mother enjoyed a white wine with the news) while the girls would watch situation comedies in the family room, however, tonight their father called them in to watch the lead story. It was an expansive piece about a government facility burning down deep in the woods that surrounded their house. Apparently, this facility had been working in the genetic alteration of animals. Originally a small program, it had been expanded three years ago after a group of test subjects proved their intelligence by defeating their captors and running amuck. Today, the program covered all sorts of genetic research, from the creation of super intelligent wolves and super strong fish, to the creation of entirely new animals with unicorns (built from super intelligent horse DNA, blended with a specific part of rhinoceros DNA). The National Guard was currently hunting down the animals, and people were warned to stay out of the woods. When the story was over, their father told them again not to go into the woods, and they went back into the family room and watched Friends. Ashley had missed so much that Mary-Kate had to spend hours explaining all the plotlines to her.

* * *

It was after ten thirty, and Ashley Olsen was enjoying her first night back in her old bed. It was a hot night, and she had a window open. She was wearing just her panties and a thin nightshirt. She was getting reacquainted with her old teddy, when the door opened a crack, and Mary-Kate slipped in. She was wearing a LA Lakers Basketball singlet that reached right down to her knees. She climbed into Ashley's bed and slipped under the covers. "I missed you so much, Ashley," she said. "I used to cry myself to sleep at night." "I was so lonely in that prison," replied Ashley, "That I used to talk to my reflection in a spoon and pretend it was you." "Me too! Every morning I'd talk to you in my mirror." They laughed, and then Ashley hugged her sister tightly. "I love you Mary-Kate." "I love you to Ashley."

Ashley thought back to the last time she'd held her sister and immediately felt aroused. She could feel the supple curves of her identical twin sister's body in her arms. It was so firm, yet still soft. So perfect. She slowly rotated her head and kissed her sister's neck, softly, her lips slightly parted. She slipped her hand down to the small of her sister's back, pulling the basketball top up with her fingers and slipping her hand underneath, feeling the silky smoothness of her sister's skin.

Mary-Kate was enjoying the smooth caress of her twin sister very much, and she began to reciprocate. She ran hands down Ashley's back and over her taught buttocks, slipping her hand briefly under the elastic band of her panties. She entwined their legs, pressing her now bare pubic mound against her sister's upper thigh. Ashley gasped. "Mary-Kate! You're not wearing any panties!" Mary-Kate blushed. "Well... it's a hot night... I didn't feel like it." There was a pause as the sisters looked each other in the eye. This was it: the boundary of taboo. After a moment Ashley's face set in a determined stare. She slid her hands along her sisters firm, tanned thighs and pulled her shirt over her head.

Mary-Kate Olsen, now completely naked, straddled her identical twin sister. She kissed her long and passionately, their tongues exploring every inch of one another's mouths. Mary-Kate was gyrating her loins, rubbing her thin strip of pubic hair against her sisters stomach. Ashley could feel the moistness of her sisters pussy, and reached down to touch it, with only one finger at first, she began to play around the vaginal lips, stroking the clitoris, and occasionally dipping inside. The increasing speed of Mary-Kate's breathing told Ashley that she was having an effect on her sister. Suddenly Mary-Kate pulled away from their kissing, and for a moment Ashley thought she'd done something wrong, but no, her sister merely wanted to remove her shirt. Once she had pulled the singlet over her head, Mary-Kate reached down and slipped a hand inside Ashley's panties, running her fingers though her patch of pubic hair. Ashley bent her legs, allowing her sister to remove her underwear more easily. Now they were both completely naked, their firm tanned flesh becoming one squirming amalgam of underage passion.

The Olsen twins firm young breasts were pressed against one another, and each could feel the other's hard nipples against her chest. They were also both masturbating the other, their little fingers diving in and out of their siblings vagina. Mary-Kate was wondering if their moans of passion were not perhaps a little too loud for their parents house, when Ashley broke off their kissing again and moved down Mary-Kate's body. She paused for a moment on her breasts, biting Mary-Kate's small nipple quite hard. It felt good, but Ashley kept on moving. She brought her mouth down to her sister's wet pussy, and then reversed herself. Mary-Kate got the idea, and the two sisters begin to eat one another out, their small perfect tongues flicking in and out, and pushing down as deep as they could into one another's holiest of holies, the moans of passion they induced only serving to stimulate the other more. Being identical twins, of course, they always knew what would pleasure the other most - their psychic bond was good for more than predicting danger.

* * *

Down in the back yard, Dudley Manlove, the half human half genetically altered wolf that Mary-Kate had given birth too after being gang raped and impregnated by wolves as she and her sister camped not far from the house, watched the girls open window. He smelled sex. He had always wanted to fuck his little Mistress, and the thought of her having sex without him was really pissing him off. Suddenly, through the rage, he caught a hint of another smell. He spun around, raised his hackles and growled into the night. Out of the darkness slunk a trio of giant wolves.

The wolves were escapees from the same government research center as Ashley, and had been drawn here by the stench of lesbian incest wafting out over the woods. They had come looking for food and women, the same things wolves are always after, but it seemed this other wolf was defending this house. He smelled different to the wolves back at the institute - somehow more like their captors than a normal wolf. The Alpha Male of the pack stepped forward and began to circle Dudley Manlove, growling.

His human DNA had made Dudley Manlove much smarter than his father ever could have been, but the genetic cocktail used in the wolves had improved somewhat in the last three years, and this Alpha male had the edge on him as far as strength and agility were concerned. Rather than fight in a battle he knew he would loose, Dudley Manlove just sat down and let the great dog circle him. When the attack came, as he knew it would, he moved with the dog, using the larger wolf's own strength against him. The first charge sent it flying, and shocked, but largely okay, the other wolf leapt again. Again, Dudley Manlove rolled, this time inflicting a vicious kick to the wolf's flank as he passed overhead, tearing it open. The enemy wolf hit the ground with a yelp, turning his head to inspect his injury. Dudley Manlove knew that this was his chance. He leapt, throwing all his weight against the bent neck of the wolf. The force snapped the dog's spine in two. Making full use of the situation, Dudley Manlove immediately turned to the other wolves, growling, a vicious look in his eye. Immediately they kowtowed to him. He was their new alpha male. The adrenaline and smell of blood had made him even more horny, too the point that his animal urges were impossible to control. Indicating too his new pack that they should follow, he headed for the doggy door.

* * *

Ashley Olsen's face was deep in the wet wet pussy of her identical twin sister when she felt a moist breath on the top of her head. Puzzled, she disengaged and turned to see the face of a wolf inches from her own. Before she could scream, his paw slammed down on her throat, choking her, and preventing any kind of speech. Another wolf leapt onto the bed, knocking Mary-Kate off her, and silencing her too. Mary-Kate looked on in horror as her faithful hound, Dudley Manlove walked into the room. He closed the door, and circled the bed to its foot, before leaping onto it and standing over the naked teenage twins. With painstaking slowness, he sniffed Ashley's crotch, then licked it, tasting the sex. He looked from one girl to the other, then back again, before making his choice: Mary-Kate.

With a predatory glint in his eye, the half human half genetically altered wolf straddled his fifteen year old mother. He wrapped his hind legs around hers, forcing her legs wide apart. Slowly his hairy penis unsheathed itself, and entered her. Mary-Kate gasped as she felt him inside of her. All the sexual encounters of her short life flashed before her eyes. Masturbation was one thing, as was the tongue and fingers of her identical twin sister. Henry Winkler's bottle had been amazing, but cold and lifeless in a way a penis could never be. No, the only thing that even came close to this experience was the last time she had been raped by a genetically altered wolf three years ago, but then she was a virgin, and the pain had distracted from the experience. No, this was certainly the best sex she'd ever had. The indescribable feeling of the penis' hair on the inside of her vagina... "oooooo" she moan, as the great dog thrust harder and faster... "ooooooohh." This dog was fast bringing her to orgasm. She couldn't think where he'd learnt it, but this dog really knew how to fuck.

A few feet away, Ashley Olsen was having an entirely different experience. After Mary-Kate had started moaning, the dog holding her throat had released her and come to get himself a piece of Ashley. He had rolled her over, and she was not surprised when she felt him begin to take her from behind. She clenched her firm buttocks tightly, and shivered slightly as his large penis came up deep inside of her. The stimulation was incredible, but it was suddenly cut short, as the third dog went around, and began to take her dog from behind also. Ashley raised one eyebrow, but put her musings on lupine sexuality out of her head as the pleasure began again. All three began to moan and grunt as the two wolf one girl daisy chain settled into an easy rhythm. Ashley felt the warm ball of pleasure building as she began to orgasm.

Mary-Kate Olsen writhed on the bed, clutching her own small, naked breasts, as the wolf that was having sex with her sent her body into convulsions of pleasure. She was vaguely conscious of the door opening, but was far too deep in the thralls of her orgasm to care. There was a boom like thunder, and she felt the full weight of the wolf fall on her, just as he ejaculated, his death spasm sending her over the edge. She wailed with pleasure as she felt the warm sensation of the wolf seamen inside of her. She let herself fall back on the pillow, panting. With this movement, the wolf slid off her, and she saw for the first time the massive damage the shotgun shell had done to his flank. Slowly and calmly she surveyed the room. Nothing could disrupt the level of bliss she felt right now. One of the dead wolves had fallen to the floor, the other two lay dead on the bed. There was blood everywhere. Henry Winkler, a smoking shotgun in his hand, was shaking her, shouting something, but she didn't care what. Slowly she rolled her head to look at her sister, who smiled, and returned her gaze. They were sisters again.

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