Teretz Syndrome

Saturday, October 19. 4:57PM

Another week, another log. Oh well, straight down to business, I suppose.

Anyone who read last weeks log will have left with a question on their minds. Did I do it? Well, yes, I did. I wasn't going to, but she managed to work me into a rage by being quite, quite late on Sunday (so late that I went home, in fact) and that gave me the courage to leave her. Made me think about my life quite a bit, you see, I'm coupled with a bit of a problem, as being a fairly alternative type guy, I have trouble catching anything but alternative type girls. Now, this isn't all that bad, except that alternative girls, while they are more interesting, occasionally better looking, and generally more fun then mainstream girls, they are also more annoying. In practical terms, this means that all my life I am destined to go from girl to girl having reasonably fulfilling but ultimately doomed relationships. Ah well, it's not all bad, at least it'll be fun.

If you search for this site in a search engine and actually find it (which I'm not sure that you can) the description will read something like "Zeedar Teretz's home of film and neo-political fun." Well, up till now, there's been plenty of film stuff, but not really all that much politics, basically because try as I might, short of writing essays on forms of government that very few people would read (email me if you would read them), there is nothing really I have to say. I did comment on Israel Vs Palestine a while back, Pornographic Ninja is plainly a depiction of Che Guvera, and there was a section on the forums that a bunch of dicks abused, but essentially, nothing. Well, now, I am going to say something about Bali, which may be a tad controversial, but is a lot more about the media then politics.

I've heard it said a few times over the last week that what went down in Bali was Australia's September 11. This is a dumb statement. Firstly, death toll. 3500+ compared to 130. Admittedly there's a lot more American's then there are Australian's, but still, 130 is bad accident, one street wiped out stuff, it's nothing compared to several thousand people. Second, target, it was a night club, in a foreign country. What happened can't even be definitively labeled as an attack on Australia, I mean, sure, a large amount of causalities were Australian (as compared to most car bombs in foreign countries) but still, September 11 was the graphic, brutal and spectacular destruction of some of the worlds most famous buildings in the center of one of America's biggest metropolises. The symbol of the precise destruction of the towers was as much the point of the exercise as the casualty rate itself, to send a "nothing is safe" type message. Lastly, the means. Anyone can build a car bomb. I could build a car bomb. Hell, I bet that if I bought a van, filled it with manure, got a detonator off someone's hobby farm, and parked it in Bourke St I could kill a damn site more then 130 people, cause considerable damage to the front windows of Myers and David Jones (thereby damaging a 'Melbourne Landmark') and hell, probably avoid detection (unless I do something really stupid like advertise my plot on an Internet site). Or I could run it into the Rialto, there'd be a very marginal change I'd knock it over. But even then, we still wouldn't have a September 11, because when those planes hit that tower, people said "woah, I wish I'd thought of that, I wish I had the logistical skill to come up with the idea, then coordinate three planes (almost four) to hit three different places within minutes of each other." Even that was part of the novelty of September 11, using something as innocent as an airliner (and an American airliner at that) to destroy a building. So no, folks, no media bitches, we don't have a September 11, and I seriously doubt we ever will.

Right, sorry about that.

On Sunday I hung around with a lot of people, but mostly Neil. We watched some girl who's name I can't remember break a liquid filled stress ball all over her self. On Monday I saw Donnie Darko with Anh, and we bought too much food, so I was kept in Fantails for the next few days. On Tuesday I played pool, on Wednesday I had lunch with Ed, I ate chicken with Marcus on Thursday, on Friday I started my Applications Development Assignment (it's not due for ages, but I want to get it over with so I can study for my exams and do my Authorship and Narrative assignment... and I kind of want to slap Anh down for calling me lazy), and I finished it this morning. My newly ex-girlfriend has tried to contact my on three (possibly four) occasions, but I keep ignoring her. I keep thinking about what would have happened if I'd pursued Sophie, this girl I met at the last 24 Hour Sci-fi at the Westgath, who dug me major, but who's number I refused to take off Lindsay. I don't think it's all that much longer till the next Sci-fi, so who knows perhaps I'll have a chance to find out. This has been just about the longest post ever, and now I'm out of things to say, so goodnight, one and all.

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